Tracy Repchuk’s Interview

Tracy Repchuk’s Fabulousness Revealed Interview


Has life always been “easy” for you?

No – but I have always had a tenacity to succeed – so when I hit a barrier, obstacle, step on a land mine, fall down, get knocked out, no matter what – I get back up and always achieve what I set out to do.

So I use 3 strategies

1. Always have a mentor who is further along than myself – and where I want to be (I spend about $50k a year just on this)

2. Add personal development to my life. I spend as much time and money on this as I do on training and mentorship for my business. The limits of your mind, thoughts and past always need to be moved out of your path as fast as you move forward.

3. Focus – know my goal – and everything and only that are what I move toward. Distractions are removed and clarity provides simplicity

How amazing are you now?

Tracy Repchuk is a:
> 5 Time International Bestselling Author including 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles from Wiley Publishing

> World-renowned speaker in over 35 countries

> Award winning entrepreneur, writer and speaker since 1985 at the age of 19 when she started her software company including awards from Senate, Assembly, and the White House Presidential Award from President Obama

> Been on the internet developing brands, websites, SEO and now social media since 1994

> Appeared in over 22 National and Local TV as a resource for technology, internet and social media

> Served thousands of clients around the world to develop a fully branded end to end website presence so they can professionally match, rise above the competition, and reach millions with their message.

> Impact 20 million people per year

Tracy Repchuk is an online marketing and social media strategist and speaker. She is an International best selling author, and has helped thousands of clients get their message out around the world. Tracy is an internationally acclaimed speaker and motivator in over 35 countries. She keeps audiences engaged with her ability to break down complex concepts and turn them into formula based success that’s easy to understand and do.

Tracy specializes in online marketing campaigns that build a cohesive corporate or personal brand using an integrated web strategy that helps you attract more leads, get more clients and make more money. Her web-based solutions are done with marketing and results in mind. ??In addition she has appeared as a social media and technology specialist in National TV segments with ABC, NBC, CW, FOX, HGTV, San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, CNBC, 4 your money, Report on Business, Life Love’s Shopping, Daytime, Fox 5 Las Vegas, New Mexico Style, Vegas Inc, USA Today, Forbes, MSN Money, King5, CW, and over 50 publications, newspapers and magazines, plus 3 motivational movies.

How do you change lives?

I change lives by taking technology off your plate, and developing your positioning, your logo, your brand identity, your landing page and list building marketing funnel, your fully branded master site, integrating your social media, and helping you to streamline your message from end to end so that the clarity of what you sell and say is so precise, people get it, want it, and buy it. It includes a full year of mentoring, a full year of a precise mastermind business growth system, after development your site is continued to be maintained for the remainder of the year, and a lifelong support community of my upper level elite clients – like you where I visit EVERY day and give you feedback, news, updates, trends, etc.

Your job is what your skill set is and to get clients and deliver your products and services.

My job is to make you shine online.

I help you reach millions with your message with a fully branded online presence and message to market system so you can professionally match, rise above the competition and impact millions with your message.

What do you LOVE speaking about when you are on stage?

I can speak about anything internet, social media, and business. As an entrepreneur since 1985 there isn’t much I haven’t seen or experienced. The following are my 3 most requested presentations;

1. 5 Steps to Reach Millions with Your Message

2. How Your Brand, Websites and Social Media Work Together

3. The Social Consciousness of Technology

Each of these topics addresses internet marketing, branding, online marketing, websites, list building, social media, TV, author, and various elements to leave your legacy, fulfill your mission and impact millions.

My whole list is here – http://www.TracyRepchukLive.com

What is your favorite part about speaking?

– Watching the reaction of the audience from emotion, to enlightenment to the hope that there is a better way to dealing with your technology AND finally get an understanding of the WHY you need WHAT and

– if I’m doing platform selling then having a jam packed back of the room table with people signing up – because I know I can help them reach their next level online.

How does someone find out more information about you, your products/services/business?

To see who I am and what I do – http://www.TracyRepchuk.com

To see my TV appearances – http://www.TracyRepchukMedia.com

Book me as a speaker – http://www.TracyRepchukLive.com

What are you offering our readers today?

To get a free guide called How Your Brand Websites and Social Media Work together go to: http://www.FastActionResults.com