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“I have trained with some of the greatest motivational speakers around. One of those greats was Les Brown. I had the opportunity to spend a full hands-on training with him in Los Angeles, California a couple of years ago. I have had some great coaching from respected individuals. I’ve been around many entrepreneurs and organizations but it wasn’t until I heard about the Public Speakers Association. One of the PSA motivated fearless women introduced me to her fearless leader (Mrs. Tonya Hofmann) at a conference. From the moment I met Tonya, I knew that I had finally found where I wanted to be. The PSA encourages unity, leadership, energy, motivation and so much more! What I thought was just major cool was the fact that you meet so many people who are growing their personal business as well as PSA. I mean….what a win-win! I love to speak, meet new people and most of all I like to help others. Change the World from the Front of the Room is tagline that fits. Speaking does change the world. It helps people know that they are not alone and there’s help out there.”

Angel Tucker-Carr


Thanks to my Public Speakers Association membership, my business is quickly growing! Not only do I receive valuable information from the PSA Chapter meetings that I can immediately implement into my business practice, I also walk away with at least three or four prospects who genuinely want my services. Through meetings and referrals from other members, the PSA helps me connect with amazing professionals, many of whom become clients and some I collaborate with on mutually beneficial projects. Being a Member of the PSA has literally opened the door to an endless amount of opportunities to help me grow a successful business.

Alicia White, CEO of Back of the Room Productions


The Public Speaker’s Association is the real deal. Public Speakers Association has already connected me to people outside of our local network nationally and I have 7 speaking engagements on my calendar as a result of joining PSA. You should check it out.

Toni Harris, “The Turnaround Queen”

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Norma Hollis

It’s not easy to become a successful independent speaker. Through PSA you learn how to do it. I joined at the very beginning and it’s been an awesome experience, meeting speakers at all levels, coaching speakers and sharing my message on PSA’s stage. I was already a successful speaker and PSA expanded my reach. No matter what level you are at, PSA will help you reach new heights and Tonya’s vision will help you realize how much further you can go.View More

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Carol Maloney-Scott

Joining the Public Speakers Association has accelerated my business success! Not only is it a practical way to gain exposure and earn your place as an expert in your field, but Tonya’s support and guidance are worth the price of membership alone. My confidence has soared and potential clients and local organizations are seeing me as the go-to expert for all things career development related. I can’t wait to expand my reach and change the world from the front of the room this year!View More

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Elizabeth Bachman

The Public Speakers Association is the BEST resources for speakers! Connections, speaking opportunities, business building tips – Tonya Hofmann provides a crucial service.
AND she only accepts nice people, so you know you will have fun!View More

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Katrina Sawa

Being a member of PSA has really catapulted my reach and exposure as a professional speaker, author and coach. PSA offers members so many speaking and visibility benefits it’s literally by far, the most valuable membership that I’m a part of because of that. Katrina Sawa https://www.JumpstartYourMarketing.comView More

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Amber Griffiths

I have only been a member of PSA for a short time but the benefits are already multiplying! From meeting other speakers around the world and collaborating with them to create events to enjoying the education and marketing support built in to my membership, I am loving being a part of this community. Thank you PSA!  Amber Griffiths http://www.yourbrandbydesign.comView More

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Chris Brooks

The PSA is such a dynamic organization with very talented and professional speakers from all over. The speaking tips and opportunities help me in my speaking career daily. Keep up the amazing work!  Chris Brooks http://brooksenrichment.comView More

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Pat Duckworth

I have been a member of PSA since 2016. It gives me great opportunities to connect with people seeking speakers for events, podcasts and TV shows. Every month I can speak on the PSA Virtual Summit that gets sent out to 70,000 people. Great exposure. The live events are powerful and fun. It’s almost impossible to come away without more speaking opportunities. Tonya Hofmann has created a supportive community for speakers and entrepreneurs who want to share their message and expand their business.

View More

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Laura Rubinstein

The PSA is chock full of resources for speakers. Every week I receive opportunties to speak. Tonya is a mega-connector too. If you need to grow your speaking business, join PSA. Laura Rubinstein http://SocialBuzzClub.comView More

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Fox Beyer

Being a guest on Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show is just that- FAB-U-LOUS! Take advantage of this opportunity to be seen and heard with enthusiasm. Fox Beyer More

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Jennifer Jost

It is wonderful to know that I have a community I can go to anytime that understands my speaking career.  The support is amazing.

Jennifer Jost: Founder http://diamondlifestrategies.comView More

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Deborah Chelette-Wilson

I am learning so much, meeting awesome people and having a lot of fun. The yearly Conference has been a great place to learn, network and grow. The monthly Virtual Summits offer me an opportunity to speak on topics and get my name out there. Tonya offers members a broad array of opportunities and connections that are priceless. Deborah Chelette-Wilson http://boundlessfreedoms.comView More

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Annika Sorensen

WOW is the one word that pops up and sticks out when I think of Tonya Hofmann and the Public Speaker Association. Tonya and PSA has a gift to bring out the best of you. I have been speaking on a few of Tonya´s online speaking events and I have improved my speaking skills, I have made new speaker friends and have been given important speaking opportunities and connections. All in the same one place and always fun and in a very nice environment. I can warmly recommend a membership in PSA.

View More

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Dagmar Oktabcova

The Public Speakers Association is a phenomenal resource for learning, support and public speaking opportunities. Tonya is an amazing connector, very caring, accessible and willing to help you succeed. If you wish to expand and grow your business through public speaking, I highly recommend Public Speakers Association.View More