Spring Forward Summit… April 9th

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Curtis Banks

5:00pm CET/ 4:00pm GMT/ 12:00pm EST/ 11:00am CST/ 10:00am MST/ 9:00am PST

“Your Money … Your Wealth!”

Learn how to get out of debt and build wealth with the money you make now!

Fox Beyer

5:10pm CET/ 4:10pm GMT/ 12:10pm EST/ 11:10am CST/ 10:10am MST/ 9:10am PST

“Gain Ground”

The Teaching Power Of Failure

Elizabeth Bachman   

5:20pm CET/ 4:20pm GMT/ 12:20pm EST/ 11:20am CST/ 10:20am MST/ 9:20am PST

“From Boring to BRAVO!- Making Your Content Interesting”

Do you need to deliver a data-heavy speech? Do you worry that your audience will go to sleep? Elizabeth Bachman tells you how to spice up your content to get your audience engaged and interested.

Julia Schneider 

5:30pm CET / 4:30pm GMT/ 12:30pm EST/ 11:30am CST/ 10:30am MST/ 9:30am PST

“Reconnect With Your Zest for Life”  

Effortlessly shift from feeling exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed to being radiant and feeling vibrantly alive.

Natalie Forest

5:40pm CET /4:40pm GMT/ 12:40pm EST/ 11:40am CST/ 10:40am MST/ 9:40am PST

“Detox your mind to be able to spring … jump … thrive!”

What is it that holds you back from “springing forward with joy”? What is it that holds you back from enjoying every day? What is it that holds you back from thriving YOUR way? Most likely the one thing is that whole big back of toxins in your head and especially in your subconscience. Let’s get some action steps your way (you do need to allow them in) so you can detox that mind and spring forward, jump forward, thrive in YOUR life YOUR way with a bit more sprite in your step.

Patricia Drain

5:50pm CET/ 4:50pm GMT/ 12:50pm EST/ 11:50am CST/ 10:50am MST/ 9:50am PST

“The Wonderful World of RE….Reboot, Refresh and Reinvent”      

Well there couldn’t be a better time to talk about this subject huh? However this subject should be spoken about all the time, not just now. We should all be doing these 3 RE’s all the time to stay prepared for the unknown.

Carrie Vanston

6:00pm CET / 5:00pm GMT/ 1:00pm EST/ 12:00pm CST/ 11:00am MST/ 10:00am PST

“Tips for Staying Out of the COVID-19 Alligator Pit: Energizing Your Mindset”

With all the shutdowns and unknowns surrounding the Covid 19 virus swirling around us, it can really feel overwhelming, frustrating, and stressful. Or in my nomenclature-a proverbial Alligator Pit just waiting for us to fall into! So how do we keep our sanity and stay out of the swamp during this period of uncertainty? The trick is moving on from the fixed mind of fear and negative emotions to consciously shifting your mindset to one of empowerment, opportunity, and unexpected outcomes. In other words, a growth-oriented, energized mindset. During this presentation, I’ll give you some tips on how you can stay out of the pit when the ‘gators come snapping.

Elzie Flenard

6:10pm CET/ 5:10pm GMT/ 1:10pm EST/ 12:10pm CST/ 11:10am MST/ 10:10am PST

“Scaleable Storytelling for You or Your Business”

This presentation is designed to help listeners understand the podcast boom and how their business can take advantage of this growing marketing tool.

Gary McKinsey

6:20pm CET/ 5:20 GMT/ 1:20 EST/ 12:20 CST/ 11:20am MST/ 10:20am PST

“Step into your creativity and increase your influence.”

Attendees will leave with three proven actions they can take to stimulate their creativity.

Annika Sörensen

6:30pm CET/ 5:30 GMT/ 1:30 EST/ 12:30 CST/ 11:30am MST/ 10:30 PST

“Hope for the Future”

We are in a very turbulent time right now – but there is hope. This will pass and we will come out stronger than ever. Let’s talk about how.

LaWanna Parker

6:40pm CET/ 5:40pm GMT/ 1:40pm EST/ 12:40pm CST/ 11:40am MST/ 10:40am PST

“Courage to Re-Create Your Dream”    

In this presentation, I will give you two of five steps to re-creat your dreams before life stepped in the way.

Paul Finck

6:50pm CET/ 5:50pm GMT/ 1:50pm EST/ 12:50pm CST/ 11:50am MST/ 10:50am PST

“LEVEL 10”

After 3 decades of serial entrepreneurship, it is clear why I have create abundent success. In our short time together, I will share this information with you. What it takes to succeed and how do you build up from scratch to create sustainable success.

Richelle Kemper

7:00pm CET/ 6:00pm GMT/ 2:00pm EST/ 1:00pm CST/ 12:00pm MST/ 11:00am PST

“Spring! Time for an Energy Reboot!”

Let’s step into the Energies of the’ New Earth’. A vibrant time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and magick. It’s all there waiting for you. All you have to do is ask your Divine Guidance Team for an Energy Reboot.

Brenda Hardwick

7:10pm CET/ 6:10pm GMT/ 2:10pm EST/ 1:10pm CST/ 12:10pm MST/ 11:10amPST

“You’ve Got This & You’re Not Alone!”

Everyone is reeling from dealing with the pandemic. Every aspect of your life has been affected in some way. Feeling alone is normal, but you’re not! You are always supported and I’ll tell you how!

Barbara Ingrassia

7:20pm CET/ 6:20pm GMT/ 2:20pm EST/ 1:20pm CST/ 12:20pm MST/ 11:20amPST

“A New Beginning…”

Traditionally we see spring as a time of new growth and rebirth; the earth responds to the sunshine and warming temperatures with fresh green and blossoms of color. This year spring offers us the additional opportunity to seemingly begin anew as we identify what’s truly important to us. It’s time to pursue those dreams we’ve been putting off: Write that book, launch that podcast, start that blog, film those videos, apply to speak on larger stages. Take those baby steps to BE who we are, knowing that there are resources and support within this group. A new beginning…

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