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Dr Annika Sörensen

The Power of Being YOU!

How to find your best YOU in 3 simple steps. It all starts with you. And it is all about mindset. And YOU can do it! Let me show you how.

5:00pm CET | 4:00pm GMT | 12:00pm ET | 11:00am CT | 10:00am MT | 9:00am PT

Rex Sikes

Be Your Best Self

Who are you underneath all of it? Let it out for crying out loud!

5:15pm CET | 4:15pm GMT | 12:15pm ET | 11:15am CT | 10:15am MT | 9:15am PT

Carrie Vanston

5 Tips to Alligator Proof Your Creative and Innovative Ideas

We often get so stuck in the proverbial alligator pits of getting “stuff done” that we neglect to use our creativity and innovative ideas to move us forward in our business and life.

5:30pm CET | 4:30pm GMT | 12:30pm ET | 11:30am CT | 10:30am MT | 9:30am PT

Jill Lublin

Express Yourself with Your Publicity Message 

If you want to be the #1 influencer in your industry, you’ve got to get bigger media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, Jill shares simple strategies to help you go from unknown to newsworthy.

5:45pm CET | 4:45pm GMT | 12:45pm ET | 11:45am CT | 10:45am MT | 9:45am PT

Speaker To Be Announced


6:00pm CET | 5:00pm GMT | 1:00pm ET | 12:00am CT | 11:00am MT | 10:00am PT

Stephanie Lueras

Living Out Loud

Through achieving my holistic wellness goals, I have uncovered who I REALLY am and not who I thought I wanted to be.

6:15pm CET | 5:15pm GMT | 1:15pm ET | 12:15pm CT | 11:15am MT | 10:15am PT

Speaker To Be Announced


6:30pm CET | 5:30pm GMT | 1:30pm ET | 12:30pm CT | 11:30am MT | 10:30am PT

LaWanna Parker


Writing is a form of healing, of finding out who you are, and best of all it’s between you and you.

6:45pm CET | 5:45pm GMT | 1:45pm ET | 12:45pm CT | 11:45am MT | 10:45am PT