The Winner’s Circle – Virtual Summit… September 10, 2020

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Fox Beyer

Raising The Bar Through Generosity

Win by helping others to victory.

5:00pm CET/ 4:00pm GMT/ 12:00pm EST/ 11:00am CST/ 10:00am MST/ 9:00am PST

Rex Sikes

Celebrate Everything!

When you consider everything a blessing everything becomes a blessing. Your attitude makes an incredible difference. What you focus on expands. Focus on gratitude and celebration and you always win!

5:10pm CET/ 4:10pm GMT/ 12:10pm EST/ 11:10am CST/ 10:10am MST/ 9:10am PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

5:20pm CET/ 4:20pm GMT/ 12:20pm EST/ 11:20am CST/ 10:20am MST/ 9:20am PST

Dr Jennifer Gardner, DC

How to Win at Health

We want to do our best in life, and how can we do that if our health is out of control? If you want to win at life, then follow these simple steps to win in health.

5:30pm CET / 4:30pm GMT/ 12:30pm EST/ 11:30am CST/ 10:30am MST/ 9:30am PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

5:40pm CET /4:40pm GMT/ 12:40pm EST/ 11:40am CST/ 10:40am MST/ 9:40am PST

Carolann DeSelms

Design Your Destiny

If you’re feeling stuck, exhausted, feeling alone and unhinged, you can become alive, energized, and purpose-filled if you follow the three steps given in this talk today. Feel strong and anchored in these turbulent times by recognizing the power of your thoughts, the power of decision and the power of befriending your fears.

5:50pm CET/ 4:50pm GMT/ 12:50pm EST/ 11:50am CST/ 10:50am MST/ 9:50am PST

Pamela Gingold

In the Zone While Enrolling Clients

I’m a career coach primarily for college students and recent graduates. Parents, who are concerned about employment of their children, are the ones who actually hire me to career coach their college students or recent graduates. I’m ‘in the zone’ when I enroll clients because I don’t concern myself with my thoughts, worries and concerns. Instead I’m focused on: the parents I’m speaking with, my love of what I do, my enthusiasm for working with young people and my experience. I’d like to share my ‘zone’ experience with others for their benefit also.

6:00pm CET / 5:00pm GMT/ 1:00pm EST/ 12:00pm CST/ 11:00am MST/ 10:00am PST

Carrie Vanston

3 Secrets to Avoid the Post-Win Alligator Pit

Yes, let’s celebrate your big win. Yay! And then let’s get ready for the next. After a win it’s easy to have a period of let down as you wonder what’s next. Avoid that alligator pit of anxiety! In this presentation, Carrie shares secrets for helping you intentionally move on to your next win quicker and with less stress. You’ll leave saying “See you later alligator!”

6:10pm CET/ 5:10pm GMT/ 1:10pm EST/ 12:10pm CST/ 11:10am MST/ 10:10am PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

6:20pm CET/ 5:20 GMT/ 1:20 EST/ 12:20 CST/ 11:20am MST/ 10:20am PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

6:30pm CET/ 5:30 GMT/ 1:30 EST/ 12:30 CST/ 11:30am MST/ 10:30 PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

6:40pm CET/ 5:40pm GMT/ 1:40pm EST/ 12:40pm CST/ 11:40am MST/ 10:40am PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

6:50pm CET/ 5:50pm GMT/ 1:50pm EST/ 12:50pm CST/ 11:50am MST/ 10:50am PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

7:00pm CET/ 6:00pm GMT/ 2:00pm EST/ 1:00pm CST/ 12:00pm MST/ 11:00am PST

Speaker Announced Soon!

7:10pm CET/ 6:10pm GMT/ 2:10pm EST/ 1:10pm CST/ 12:10pm MST/ 11:10amPST

Speaker Announced Soon!

7:20pm CET/ 6:20pm GMT/ 2:20pm EST/ 1:20pm CST/ 12:20pm MST/ 11:20amPST

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