Past Summits #8

Natalie Forest

“Stop the FEAR — Rediscover YOU & Thrive”

In a world of social media posts and a constant barrage of what we “should do and should look like”, where comparisons reign, and many end up feeling the pressure to do as others do it is time to STOP. Most of the time, all those comparisons and pressures are based in FEAR; FEAR and lack of Self-Knowledge. It is now time to stop the FEAR, reconnect with yourself, BE all you are here to be and Thrive in whatever you choose to do. Your business – which can be your life, your work, your business — cannot function or succeed with all those pressures and without you BEing grounded and FREE from FEAR. Let’s see how we can possibly get there, so you can live YOUR life, YOUR way.

Scott Schilling

“EMPOWER Your Sales!”
This presentation walks you through the 7 steps of the selling cycle to insure you grow your business, increase your profitability, and achieve new customers. This process has grown businesses into 9 digits…

Gary McKinsey

“Step Out and Let The Real You Shine!”

How to apply proven neuro-linguistic programming techniques to increase your confidence and free the real you to shine.

Amber Griffiths

“Claim your Voice!”

The first step of Creating your RockStar Brand. Increase your profits, work with people who excite you, and enjoy the genuine thrill of getting paid to do what you love to do! Develop your own RockStar Brand™ that is clear, cohesive, and will convert potential customers into Ideal Clients.

Meshell R Baker

“Making the Ultimate Sale…Yourself”

Learn the how to apply the secrets of the top 1% of salespeople in the world. And understand how building an unstoppable sales confidence makes you the Secret Sauce to every Sale. Meshell offers a perspective that will move you past “trying to figure it out” by revealing the proven formula to sell directly to your client’s specific emotional needs that build lasting relationships and close more raving fan clients. The audience will experience Meshell’s 5-C’s of Sales Success. And gain insights of how to become the best “uniquely you possible…” that is wildly contagious and highly profitable.

Christopher Brooks 

“The 5 P’s of Public Speaking”

In this talk I share 5 habits that have proven to be successful for speakers who are beginners or seasoned professionals. Whether your in the classroom or the boardroom, these principles will help you soar as a public speaker.

Fox Beyer

“Laugh, Cry, and Everything In Between”

Some of the best advice anyone ever gave me in teaching and coaching was to be my authentic self every day. I’ll share stories of those who do this day in and day out.

Drew Hunthausen 

“2019 is Extraordinary”

New year, new goals, best year ever!

Dennis Riley

“Do You know your why?”

Do you know why you do things in your business? Get real with your why and you can get real with your business.

Elizabeth Bachman 

Dealing With Objections – How to Get Past NO

Whether you are speaking to make a sale or encourage your listeners to take action, dealing with objections is an important part of the conversation. Elizabeth Bachman will share higlights from her signature system “17 Keys to Increase Engagement” to help you get past “NO” and get the results you want.

Gloria Chandler 

“I ask you, How will the “Truth Set You Free” to become Real?”

The word of GOD, specifically tells us that “You will Know The Truth & The Truth Shall Set You Free.”(John 8:32) Since that is an actual fact, then why do we as humans become so fake & not show the love to transform & Expose the Real for a better life?

Dennis Riley

“Navigate Your Journey”

Terry Wildemann
“Intuitive Leadership®: Inward Journey Outward Results”
Inward Journey; Outward Results Discover how the intuitive leaders’ inward journey results in manifesting a thriving values based business and workplace culture that serves themselves, managers, employees and clients alike. Look at the common traits of successful leaders and you find confidence, an understanding of themselves, deep intuition, and an ability to connect and motivate others – positively or negatively. How do they do it? Terry introduces three leadership keys that provide answers to those questions.

Natalie Forest 
“Revolutionize Your Leadership: BE YOU”
Leadership always starts from within. Each of us is a leader and we need to claim our leadership and be responsible for it. That means we have to know ourselves. In addition, we need to know our colleagues, team members, peers, and more and we need to Revolutionize how we deal with them; we need to allow them to BE themselves as well and allow for everyone to shine and shy.
Miluna Fausch 
“Boss Talk – Enlightened Leaders & Their Communication!”
In this world of constant movement and change, the new leaders will be speaking with clear, courteous, and inclusive language that crosses all cultures.

Fox Beyer 

Tracy Repchuk 
“Moving into a Leadership Position”
Leaders might be born, but today that position is earned by influence, reach and online leverage. Find out what it takes today to become a leader.

Elizabeth Bachman 
“Excellence Speaks – High Stakes Presentations that Get RESULTS”
As a Leader do you find it hard to translate your Leading-Edge Ideas to mainstream listeners? Whether speaking to a crowd or inspiring your team, HOW you present yourself is just as important as the words you use. Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares her 30+ years of expertise in moving an audience to take action. Make a difference, not just a point!

Grace Lanni

The Power of Words: Revealing Hidden Landmines to Your LEADERSHIP Success

I’ve always marveled at the power of words. If you, or someone in your life, says something out loud and repeats it enough, you come to believe it!  OrI always get lost.  Or:  I don’t have enough money for that.  Our awareness is the tapestry of our life. Our language is found in every thread and fiber of our reality. By changing one word or thought within ourselves, we expand, contract or alter our reality. The thoughts and conversations of generations before us may still be resonating in our lives.  Some of our language patterns and beliefs are less than our true potential. There are wonderful realities awaiting us all. Our Words hold the key to our next reality.  Join Grace as she provides tips to recognize your language landmines. Key takeaways will include:

Ann Bennett

“Rebel Branding for Transformational Times”
Experience the power of liberating your Rebel Spirit & Raking in the Revenue with conscious Branding Expert and mentor Ann Bennett. Ann will teach you exactly how you can express your authentic self. Creating a brand that captures you at your core so you can STAND OUT and build a purpose-driven business. In order to do your Big Work, you have to distinguish yourself from all the marketing noise of one billion websites. It’s not enough to be great or even different.
You have to be Unapologetically YOU!

Curtis Banks
“Tune-Up Your Finances”

In this session you will discover my 3 Keys to Money Smart Success.  With the 3 Keys you will grow your earning potential, keep more of the money you make, grow what you keep, and build a foundation for wealth. So that you can provide your family with peace of mind without financial worries for generations to come!

Barbara Ingrassia 
“Eliminate barriers to a healthy business: Copyright compliance strategies”
In business we face seemingly countless barriers to our success–among them numerous regulations and laws requiring our compliance. One area that is often overlooked is compliance with Copyright Law. Join us to discuss some steps we can take to climb over that barrier.

Fox Beyer
“To Make Friends, Be One First”

Dennis Riley
“Planning For Success”
The biggest barrier an entrepreneur can face is themselves. Specifically, we tend to devote too little time for planning.


Jill Lublin

“Get Known Everywhere”
If you want to be the #1 influencer in your industry, you’ve got to get bigger media visibility. Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, Jill shares simple strategies to help you go from unknown to newsworthy. Sharing her proven secrets to understanding what the media wants, Jill provides you with short-term, doable tactics that boost visibility for you and your brand.

Miluna Fausch
“Clarity & Courage to Ask for What you Want!”
Why you must prepare and be clear and confident when asking for something – a new job, a raise, a benefit, a change in a relationship. Tips for increasing the chances that you get what you want!

Elizabeth Bachman
“How to Get Paid Speaking Gigs”
Frustrated with speaking for peanuts – or free – to audiences who can’t afford your services? Are you speaking now, but not enough to fill your pipeline? Elizabeth Bachman will share How to Transition from Speaking for Free to Speaking in the Corporate Market. Fill Your Calendar with Lucrative Speaking Gigs!

Rex Sikes
“What stopping you”
Discover What stops most people and how to change that to get the results you deserve