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Norma Hollis

“Authentic Speakers – Why They Have the Greatest Success”
The most memorable speakers are those who are authentic on stage. When you speak from a place of authenticity your audience trusts you and they become fans. Learn what it means to be an authentic speaker and gain tips that will take your speaking to the next level!

Tony Wilkins
“Top tips for getting more speaking gigs and how to make money doing it”
Join speaker and best-selling author Tony Wilkins as he shares his best tips for making money as a speaker including the tricks to connecting with meeting planners, learning which organizations book speakers on a regular basis and more.

Fox Beyer
“The women that have helped me succeed- their words, their deeds!”
Stories of the women that have had the most impact on me- my success is their success!

Rosemarie Barnes
“Bridging the Generation Gaps in Business”
It is not uncommon today to see 4 generations working under one corporate roof. These groups are radical different from each other and experiences and expectations are not meshing well. What can be done to bridge these generation gaps in 21st century business?

Drew Hunthausen
“Gratitude For The Women in my Life!”
We cannot navigate through this world alone. We need friends family, and even people we have never met before. Life without women? Impossible! I am so grateful for all the amazing women in my life now and in the future. Only the best is yet to come!

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