Past Summits #7

Tonya Hofmann

“Have fun in business by CREATING Reoccuring Income!”
I know that most people don’t stay in business because they don’t have any consistent income.  So stop sitting by the phone waiting for another one off sale, create income that comes every month so you can truly have fun in your business.  Yippeeeeeeee

Rosemarie Barnes

“The Value of Curiosity”
Casually curious. Intensely intrigued. Devoted to discovery. There are many levels of learning, and all of them have value. Curiosity, not necessity, may well be the Mother of Invention and the best indicator of potential success.

Deborah Chelette-Wilson

Laura Cole
“Living a Vision Driven Life”
The path to fulfillment is paved with intention; if we design our lives from the inside out rather than allowing outside circumstances to dictate our future, we are living a vision-driven life. This workshop will teach you skills for identifying your dream and implementing strategies to set you on your path. You can co-create a life you love; this is the first step in getting there.

Margo Lovett

“Reinvention is the latest dance move!”
Reinventing to become an author, speaker, entrepreneur is like learning the latest dance and the learning curve is definitely never boring!

Dennis Riley
“Is your business firing on all cylinders?”
A look at some of the areas in your business that may be causing your business not to be at full maximum speed.

Fox Beyer
“Always moving forward”

Barbara Ingrassia 
“Bringing some FUN to a (potentially) dull topic: COPYRIGHT”
‘Think Copyright Law is Boring? THINK AGAIN! Bringing some FUN to a (potentially) dull but IMPORTANT TOPIC.

Elizabeth Bachman

“3 Big Presenting Mistakes that Cost You Sales (and what to do about them)”

Are you ready to… • Leverage your time by presenting to rooms full of prospects? • Maximize your Impact and Attract your Ideal Clients? • Master a Signature Speech that Sells? Speaking in public is one of the BEST ways to promote your business or practice. Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares her 30+ years of expertise as well as specific success strategies for becoming a Fabulous Speaker. Elizabeth shows how to make your talk compelling, and how to deliver it in the most effective way so that you reach every ear – and every heart – in the audience

Barbara Ingrassia
“Guard Your Goldmine”
Do you have a GOLDMINE? Do you have a website, blog, newsletter, marketing materials, podcast? Do you post to social media? Then YOU HAVE A GOLDMINE. Has your original content “suddenly appeared” on another’s site–without your permission, credit or link? How did you feel? Incredulous, annoyed, angry? Let’s discuss how you can Guard Your Goldmine!

Rosemarie Barnes

“Confidence: Where can I git me some o’ dat?”
Deadlines loom. Pressure builds. Panic sets in. What can get you through it? Confidence. Confidence can be elusive especially under times of stress unless you realize what it is and where to find it.

Margo Lovett
“Reinvention – You Can Do It!”
How I quit a job after 26 years, went on to write a best seller, became an international broadcaster in one year & shared my story in print and internet radio. I reinvented myself – you can too!

Laura Cole
“Befriend Your Fear”
When we learn to have fear instead of it having us, we are able to become a person who can accomplish anything. This is because fear is actually a sign that we are growing; the most successful people in the world are willing to get uncomfortable, or step into fear. It is the edge of the unknown, the blank space between what is and what can be. With this workshop, we will identify which fear is getting in our way of moving ahead and then start creating a life we love living.

Natalie Forrest
“Revolutionize Your Fear – BE Free”
Panic is an emotional reaction to something unknown; it results in what we call “fear” in society. Fear, however is the absence of courage or the absence of the known. Therefore, when we come across the unknown the word we use for the reaction is often FEAR. Let’s Free ourselves from that FEAR and embrace our Potential, BE Free and perform at our highest possible level.

Deborah Chelette-Wilson
“Time for Your Beautiful Self”

Tony Wilkins
“Influential Networking and Selling”
Building a business is about building relationships. Building relationships is about who you know and who knows you and creating a solid relationship based on “give to get”. And that’s the basis behind becoming a “person of influence”. It’s not about making a lot of money per se (although that’s still a good thing) but rather about creating opportunities and strategically creating and developing a community of people that can actually help grow your business.

Fox Beyer
“This One Thing You Do”

Drew Hunthausen

Corey Poirier 
“Behind The TEDx Curtain”
During this presentation I will open up the curtain and take you both behind the scenes of a TEDx Talk and reveal strategy behind delivering a world class TEDx Talk.

Joyce Blue
“Magnetize Your Money Relationship”
How to magnetize your relationship with your money so you can make, keep and save more.

Elizabeth Bachman
“How to Get Booked”
• Confused about where to find good places to speak?
• Nervous about “cold calling” or being pushy and unsure about how to present yourself?
• Tired of seeing other speakers walk off with all the sales that could have been yours?
Speaking in public is one of THE fastest ways to promote your business or practice – but you can’t do it if you don’t have bookings. Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares her 30 years of expertise as well as specific success strategies for becoming a Super Star Presenter.

Rosemarie Barnes
“Sharing the Spotlight”
Have you ever felt that although you are talking, your audience is not listening? Are they disinterested? Are they distracted? Are they uncomfortable? Or perhaps they are tired of hearing all about you. The essence of communication is speaking and listening and that can only happen if the spotlight is shared.

Drew Hunthausen
“Communication and relationships make all the difference”

Laura Cole
“Forgiveness Gives You Freedom”
When we don’t forgive and hang on to anger or resentment, we think we are keeping that person locked away from hurting us again. But as long as there is someone that is “jailed” there has to be a “jailer.” Forgiveness frees US to let go and experience a life of greater freedom and abundance. Come learn how to free yourself and find peace with anyone or any experience in your life.

Fox Beyer

Rex Sikes
“All communication starts with you”
Go first!  Transform your relationships and that includes your relationship with you!

Barbara Ingrassia
“Social Media + YOU + Copyright = ??”
Most of us have a some sort of relationship with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). But what do we REALLY know about those relationships? How many of us take the time to read the Terms and Conditions before we click AGREE or simply start using the platform? You might be surprised to learn what you’ve agreed to; what are your rights with the content you post? We’ve heard the news about data breaches, etc., and In this session, we’ll explore the contract terms as far as your copyrights and the (automatic) licensing of the content you post.

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