Trina Jackson’s Interview

Trina Jackson’s Fabulousness Revealed Interview

Has life always been “easy” for you?

Life has been ok for me.I had some ups and downs but Life is good for me.  I grew up a military brat and I am 43 years old now and I am college student majoring in communications and I plan on starting a public relations firm after I graduate from college.

How amazing are you now?

I am so amazing where i am 43 years old and has a daughter that is 20 years old and autistic and I still go to school and get my education and have my future plans.  I can relate to people I am a people person I am very understand and full of patience with people.  I listen to people and understand their needs and try to help them.

How do you change lives?

I do sell legal shield and vstream tv I help people get legal services and cut the cost to get an expensive lawyer and with vstream tv I help people reduce their cable bill with getting a box that does everything without paying a monthly bill each month.

What do you LOVE speaking about when you are on stage?

I like to speak about social issues that effect our communities.  I am a very social conscious person I like to talk about politics and I watch a lot of CNN news on TV.

What is your favorite part about speaking?

I love to get in front of people and say what I want to say to the audience. I like the attention of the audience I feel like I am being viewed as someone important when I speak.

How does someone find out more information about you, your products/services/business?

by going to my website www.legalshieldassociate.com/trinajackson and www.vstreamtv.com/trina3988sbcglo

What are you offering our readers today?

I am offering our readers my legal shield services and my vstream tv offer. please go to www.legalshieldassociate.com/trinajackson and www.vstreamtv.com/trina3988sbcglo