Welcome to the terms and conditions…

If you are scheduling an appointment, the terms are simple… Please honor the time selected and be ready for the call.  By selecting a time, not only are you taking that spot away from someone else but it also shows the world how professional you are taking this opportunity.

If you are selecting a time to be on one of the Public Speakers Association Virtual Summits, Tonya Hofmann’s TV Show, Your Story Video Series or the Tip Series or anything that the Public Speakers Association or Tonya Hofmann has created for you to market yourself… then you agree to the following terms: I give permission for my audio, video, likeness, image and anything to do with this event can be used by the Public Speakers Association and Tonya Hofmann in any way as they see fit including but not limited to sales, marketing and promotions.  I give full consent to have this show air on YouTube,  http://publicspeakersassociation.com and on any other website(s) or location(s) that Tonya Hofmann decides to promote it on including the promotion on all social media and email newsletter avenues.  I also understand that I am required to help promote this event to my social media and other data bases to invite people to listen and interact during the summit.

Thank you for accepting these terms and we are so looking forward to having you involved!