Tick Tock Summit: May 9th

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Roger Carlson

12pm EST/ 11am CST/ 10 MST/ 9 PST

“Return to Vulcan’s Forge, Renaissance for Atomic Power”

Throughout history, people worried about getting enough fuel to burn. In the late 1900s, people got the new worry, that burning too much fuel would pump too much carbon dioxide into the air and overheat the world through global greenhouse warming. Splitting atoms, nuclear fission, can power our world without producing carbon dioxide. Fission power has had problems, but it is only game in town that can work now. Our next speaker, Roger Carlson tells why global warming is a serious concern, why alternatives to fossil fuels are not enough, why early fission power had problems, how next generation fission power can provide us affordable greenhouse-safe energy … and how you can help. Roger Carlson earned a degree in studies of the future. He has worked in the fields of energy and aerospace for forty years. He is now speaking for Doombusters: Saving the World for Fun and Profit (swffp.com). Please welcome Roger Carlson.


Barney Kramer

3:30pm EST/ 2:30 CST/ 1:30 MST/ 12:30 PST

“Simplicity = Success”

The best leaders keep it Simple! I will give you a six step formula to excel at being a leader!

Dennis Riley

4:30pm EST/ 3:30 CST/ 2:30 MST/ 1:30 PST

“Track YOUR Time”

Go beyond time management… conquer time MASTERY.

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