Past Summits #1

Enjoy listening to any and all of these amazing presentations from past Virtual Summits…


Elizabeth-BachmanElizabeth Bachman

“Stepping into Your Power – How to Claim Your Space”

Are you ready to…
• Claim Your Place in the World?
• Maximize your Impact and Attract your Ideal Clients?
• Banish Stage Fright and Speak Up?
Speaking up and claiming your space is essential in this world. And yet so many of people hang back for fear of being called “pushy.” Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares her 30 years of expertise as well as specific success strategies for Finding Your Voice.

drew-hunthausenDrew Hunthausen

“The Gold is in the Goals”
Are we going to just let life happen to us and live by default, or will we live by design.  Deciding what you want and finding out what makes you come alive are only the first steps to a fulfilling life.  These become the basis for setting your goals and breaking down the steps to achieve them.

Fox-BeyerFox Beyer

“Igniting the Fire Within”

Be comfortable with who your are and like people will find you.  Raise the bar for yourself using everything from hard work, reflection, and humor!

Katrina-SawaKatrina Sawa

“Living the BIG Life You Deserve, How to Stop Settling and Create Your Happiest Life Ever”

Regardless of what type of financial situation you’re in, many entrepreneurs struggle because of lack of love… Lack of love can surely hold you back from making huge monetary gains in your business whether you realize it or not. In this content rich presentation, Katrina will share insights on how to get more LOVE in your life and MONEY in your business!

Teresa-deGrosboisTeresa deGrosbois

“The mindset of high influence – stepping onto the biggest stages”
You will learn
– the number one thing that stops most speakers from being highly effective on stage
– key strategies for staying powerful and present with large audiences
– the biggest mistakes to avoid when dealing with high stress situation as a speaker
– the key things big stage owners are looking for


drew-hunthausenDrew Hunthausen “The hand we are dealt in life is never the one we envisioned for ourselves”

Drew will show us how we can learn to play this hand with joy, peace, and prosperity, and live a “No Excuses” life.

Jill-LublinJill Lublin “EVERY SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT EQUALS GUARANTEED REVENUE” Authors, coaches, consultants, speakers its time to make more money. Learn surefire ways to expand your business and increase your revenue with easy, repeatable guerrilla publicity systems that deliver more prospects and generate big visibility leading to sales every time you speak.

Tonya-HofmannTonya Hofmann

“Win-Win Scenario: Change Lives & Make Money!”

Tonya will show you how easy it is to build a community of people you love and that love YOU that translates into business growth!

Minette-Riordan-15-smMinette Riordan

“Discover 3 Massive Mistakes Women Business Owners Make that Keep them Stuck at 5 Figures or Less”

Did you know that there are 10 million women owned businesses in the US and that of those 10 million, only 6% ever reach the 6 figure mark. Only 2% ever make over 7 figures and more than half struggle to make more than $25,000.00 a year. In this presentation, Dr. Minette Riordan will share the 3 mistakes that women business owners make in their business and how to avoid them so that you can finally exceed your financial goals. She is on a mission to help women bust through their financial ceilings and turn these statistics upside down. If you are committed to building a profitable business that you love and that doesn’t require you to work harder, sacrificing time, money and your lifestyle, then attending this presentation is a must!

Scott-SchillingScott Schilling

“Life B.A.L.A.N.C.E. in the Marketplace”

True Life Balance is one of the great urban myths! That being said…you can (and need to) achieve Life B.A.L.A.N.C.E. in your day to day lives. Many times, woman have been expected to be Superwomen handling all the chores of being a Mom and juggling the challenges to be professionally fulfilled. This session will shed light on and action steps on how to be fully present in the moment and achieve the greatest life balance and fulfillment possible at the same time!

Tonya Hofmann

“Stop being Selfish and Start Changing the World ”

Too many of you miss out on HUGE growth, expansion and MONEY because you won’t get out there and SELL… so let’s talk about REALLY how to find new clients and change their lives with your product or services!


Teresa-deGrosboisTeresa deGrosbois

“Get more gigs! 3 key habits & 2 mistakes to avoid in becoming an event favourite”

Want to make more money as a speaker? It’s obvious right. All you need is more speaking opportunities. If you’re thinking easier said than done, then think again. You know speakers who have packed calendars and command top dollar. So the real question is, what are they doing that you’re not?

If you’re tired of chasing down cold referrals and leads and wishing there was just a better way, then this information-packed session is for you. Join International speaker and 3X bestselling author, Teresa de Grosbois to discover the simple habits you can build to become one of the top influencers in your industry. You will master: How influential event hosts think and the key principles to getting into relationship with them, The unspoken rule book influential event hosts play by, including the top mistakes to avoid when meeting them, Key things you need to know to get past the gatekeepers in meeting those who can book you, How to build a golden rolodex of top influencers in your industry who are eager to promote you and recommend you and How to get top event hosts in your industry dying to be in relationship with you and wanting you in their rolodex

Elizabeth-BachmanElizabeth Bachman

“From “Talking Head” to Super Star Presenter – Speaking for Profit and Impact”

Are you ready to…
• Leverage your time by presenting to rooms full of prospects?
• Maximize your Impact and Attract your Ideal Clients?
• Master a Signature Speech that Sells?

alicia-white-smAlicia White

“The 3Cs of Branding”
Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Business Experts learn how to stand out in the sea of noise and get their message heard.

Use the Three Cs of Branding and watch your business grow!

Tonya-Hofmann-15-6-medTonya Hofmann

“Change the World from the Front of the Room”

Tonya will cover:

-How to make money as a speaker

-How to get booked to speak at an event

-How to Change Lives with Your words and actions

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

“A Games Approach to Speaking”
One way to rise up and be noted as a speaker is to find a new way to present. Learn how you can use games as a way to catapult your speaking opportunities.

vanessa-barnesVanessa Barnes

“Using Passionate Persistence to get what you want in life and business”

As a little girl I learned of the power of persistence from my little sister in terms of getting what she wanted from our parents.
As an adult and entrepreneur, I have come to learn even more the true value of persistence and how it is really the game changer for success.

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

“Raising Authentic Children”

Each child was born with a unique set of gifts and talents. When parents recognize the child’s natural gifts and talents then raise them by those gifts, the child has the greatest opportunity for emotional, social and financial health and stability as an adult.

lenny-lundenLenny Lunden

“Getting the Behavior You Want from Your Children”
The Art of Consequencing

Tried and true methods for getting the behavior you want from your children wile instilling a healthy self-image and strong problem solving skills.

The most effective discipline methodology “Consequencing” will be discussed.

Tonya Hofmann

“Build Influence in YOUR Business Relationships”

You can grow unless you stop hiding! Get connected NOW. Tonya walks you through the reality of growing a business… especially a speaker’s business!

katrina-sawaKatrina Sawa

“Living the BIG Life You Deserve, How to Stop Settling and Create Your Happiest Life Ever”

In this presentation, Katrina will walk you through many of the secrets she’s discovered in truly creating your happiest life ever doing what you love. If you find yourself with some self doubts, unsupportive people around you, dreams without action plans or you’re struggling to make enough money in your business and getting burned out quick then you want to figure out where you could be settling and “stop it”. Come to this call and learn the 5 steps to incorporate in your monthly, weekly, daily practices so that you can finally design the life of your dreams!

July 2015 Summit

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smallTonya Hofmann

“Change Your World by Changing Others’ First”

Tonya will show you how EASY it is not to have a JOB… how to truly change other people’s lives while bringing in consistent income so that you have the money to enjoy life, your family and to go out and help more people!

lenny-lundenLenny Lunden

“There is Only Love”

Lenny makes a case for her assertion that there is only love.

She explains how what sometimes looks like it isn’t love, actually is.

katrina-sawaKatrina Sawa

“STOP Avoiding Your Follow Up!”

Step-by-Step Presentation on How to Build and Leverage Your Contact List into Your Own Personal Follow Up Cash Machine! ADMIT IT….You have a big stack of business cards sitting on your desk of people you want to follow up with BUT HAVEN’T, don’t you? You do realize that you’re missing out on a TON OF SALES, right? You’re probably missing out on a few joint venture or referral source opportunities, too….and who knows, all that LACK of FOLLOW UP could have brought you an extra $1000, $2000 or even $5000 in revenues just this week!

Debbie-Hoffman-new-15Debbie Hoffman

“Power-Up! Your Follow-Up to Convert More Contacts Into Valued Clients”

So many entrepreneurs are leaving significant money on the table due to poor follow-up skills or an inadequate follow-up system. Debbie will share some valuable tips from her proven step-by-step follow-up blueprint.

• How to utilize an automated CRM system
• Preparing for prospect contacts
• How to get a lion’s share of referrals

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

“Tips for Speakers”

After a phenomenal time at the PSA Conference, I have identified a number of areas where speakers can benefit from some important tips. Listen and learn how you can upgrade your speaking career from multiple perspectives.


tanyafourTonya Hofmann

Virtual Fun… How and Why put on an event like this!

smallTonya Hofmann

3 Great Presentations to Enjoy!

1. Following Up… Let’s close those sales!

2. How to use speaking to increase business and income!

3.Create a Base of Income for a Monthly Sales Balance!

katrina-sawaKatrina Sawa

Relationship Marketing Strategies To Double Your Business and More!

In this world of Internet marketing, building relationships with your prospects, referral sources and as many people as you can meet and add to your database is your most important marketing strategy. As a business owner or entrepreneur, if you are NOT marketing to those people who know you and have already done business with you then YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A LOT OF SALES! Come to this session if you’d like to learn how to easily increase your database, market effectively to your database and to your unique target market with my easy to implement strategies without breaking the bank.

minette-riordan-speakerMinette Riordan

3 Strategies to Get High Dollar Sponsors for you Events

Want bigger sponsors and bigger profits for your live events, expos and conferences? Expert Dr. Minette Riordan will share her best strategies for you get the right sponsors to say YES! to sponsoring your event.

May 2015 Summit!

katrina-sawaKatrina Sawa

Leveraging in Your Business With Your Own Events and High End Programs

Get out of the overwhelm you’re in with either too much to do currently in your business or too many ideas and no time to implement them all. Instead find a way to simplify what you’re selling in your business in order to serve more of your ideal clients at the highest level. Create and enjoy your business fully when you can serve at that higher level which come with higher rates and transform more lives faster with your gifts.

lenny-lundenLenny Lunden

Resistance is Futile
“What We Reist, Persists”


Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

Authentic Wellness for Speakers

Speakers need the energy to sustain themselves on stage in the midst of traveling, often to multiple engagements within a short period of time. Learn secrets to sustain your energy and longevity by finding your authentic wellness formula.


lenny-lundenLenny Lunden

Shift Fear and Pain to Peace and Love

katrina-sawaKatrina Sawa

Making Easy YES Offers in Your Talks for FAST CASH Today!

Are you tired of doing presentations in person or virtually with literally NO sales in the end? Are you wondering what is really going to make people stop and get their credit card out right then and there? Well, you may be in need of an EASY YES OFFER!

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

Find Your Authentic Message

The most important decision a speaker makes is the message to share – it’s the foundation to your entire career as a speaker. Learn secrets to discovering your message and never being at a loss for what to share on stage.

minette-riordan-speakerMinette Riordan

Afraid of Sales? 6 Ways to Pitch Your Business without Feeling Like a Used Car Salesman

Terrified of sales? Don’t want to feel like a door-to-door sales person? Afraid to ask for the money? Sales is the #1 skill that you have to master in order to build a profitable business. We are all in the business of sales and marketing, no matter what we do. Yet fear of sales is often the #1 reason why businesses fail. In this presentation, Minette will share a simple 6-step process that you can use any any situation to close more sales. You will learn:

Three simple selling strategies to put you and the prospect at ease

How to fall in love with sales

How to ask for the money without feeling salesy

How you can use these skills at networking events, expos or happy hours

alicia-white-smAlicia White

Why Doesn’t Anyone Know I’m a Speaker?

Whether experienced or new, a Speaker’s Identity can often get lost if a solid message and brand hasn’t been developed. This is especially confusing for speakers who run a company and speak on behalf of their business. Alicia White provides insights into what a Speaker Identity is and how to share it effectively with the world.


Change Your World Summit

lenny-lundenLenny Lunden

Free Yourself From PTSD With EFT “Emotional Freedom Technique” AKA “Tapping”
Discussion and demonstration on the power of EFT to assist with trauma resolution.

smallTonya Hofmann

“Yea… Whatever! Positive or Negative?”

Your surroundings and your decisions make the world of difference in your success or failure… which will yours be?

Jan 2015 Summit


minette-riordan-speakerMinette Riordan

Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes that Creative Entrepreneurs Make that Keep Them from Breaking through to 6 Figures

Have you been stuck at the same income plateau for years? Join Dr. Minette Riordan as she shares the three massive mistakes that keep entrepreneurs stuck and how to avoid making those mistakes in your business.

debbie-hoffman-smDebbie Hoffman

The Power of Effective Follow-Up

I will share my secrets of how to follow up with your prospects and:
-work smarter
-make deeper connections
-generate measurable results for your business.

smallTonya Hofmann

Change the World from the Front of the Room

How to you really go out and change lives while also changing your own!

November 2014


debbie-hoffman-smDebbie Hoffman

Learn powerful follow-up skills! Now!

The former Wall Street managing director and wellness entrepreneur shares her secrets to successful follow-up in a power-packed session that will help you work smarter, connect more effectively and generate measurable business results!

katrina-sawaKatrina Sawa

“Tips for monetizing your display table at events!”

smallTonya Hofmann

“Figure out the Speaking World!”

How to gain exposure and market yourself as a speaker and really enjoy your life!

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

“The Spirit of Speakers: Where’s the Best Place for Your Speaker Energy?”

Do you view speaking opportunities as on-stage only? Are you aware of the multiple ways speakers earn income? Where does your energy fit best in the speaking industry? Speaking is not always done on stage. Learn multiple ways to earn income and get help identifying the best place for you and your message.

June 2014 Summit!

Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association

small“Change Lives, Make Money, Change More Lives!”

Tonya will expore the world of speaking with you. What is the reality of getting booked and making money? Yep… She’ll get into the real details.

JoAnn Ajayi-Scott

JoAnn-Ajayi-Scott-fullLEVERAGE Your Mental State: How to Use Self Talk and Positive Affirmations to Develop Self Motivation
As we celebrate National Safety and Mental Retardation Month, we must focus on our own mental state. This presentation will give you 3 ways to maintain a sound mental state as you continue to build your business or non-profit and help you go to the next level.

Minette Riordan

minette-riordan-speaker10 Must Have Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Thrive

Discover 10 surprising but must have assets and tools that every entrepreneur needs in order to successfully build a profitable business. Includes a free checklist so you can quickly assess where you are and what you need to implement to increase your profits fast.

Katrina Sawa

katrina-sawaHow to Design Your Talk to Make Everyone Want What You’ve Got to Offer

There are lots of speakers out there talking about all kinds of different topics. What makes YOU different? How can you stand out among others who do what you do?

If you’re doing speaking presentations already or even if you’ve never done a single one, this presentation will give you some fresh new ideas to get noticed and get booked.

Designing what to talk about is an art and a skill because you want to know your overall goal from what you want out of the exposure before you figure out what you want to say.

Norma Hollis

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Cash in on Your Authentic Voice
The secret to success as a speaker is to find, live and share your authentic voice. This session will help you connect with your authentic voice then learn how you can monetize it.

Linda Pringle Evans

linda-p-evansUncover Your “S” Factor Brand Distinction

Discover YOUR Sweet Spot and how it impacts the YOUniqueness of you and what differentiates you from competitors. Understand what a “brand” really is and how it can increase your profitability.

April 2014 Virtual Summit!

JoAnn-Ajayi-Scott-fullJoAnn Ajayi Scott

3 Ways to LEVERAGE Your Business and a Philanthropist: Advocate. Volunteer. Donate.

This presentation will help you understand that business that are successful are philanthropic also and show you how you can give back also.

cartoon-smTonya Hofmann

Own Your Fabulousnessnessness!!!

People follow leaders not followers so how do you become a true leader and an expert that stands out from your competition? Tonya will give you an easy to follow plan to make your fabulousness shine!

February 2014 Summit!

toni-harris-2015-2Toni Harris

“Explode Your Business with I-Media – Interactive Email and Social Media Marketing”

It’s time to set your marketing on fire! This proven six-step formula will grow your business using email and social media as a catalyst to launch your success! If you are ready to grow your business from local to global then the I-Media program is for you! Join us to get great tips and tricks to get started now!

linda-p-evansLinda Pringle-Evans

“Own the Stage”

Sharing what goes on behind the scenes when hosting a live event, workshop or seminar. In addition, sharing if time allows creating your signature style for on the stage.

smallTonya Hofmann

“Personality Sells… What Personality do you attract?”

Tonya dives into the world of sales… yes, we are all sales people if we own our own business yet most businesses can’t thrive because it lacks enough sales. Tonya will break it down into simple terms to help you make a HUGE Impact on your income immediately!

katrina-sawaKatrina Sawa

“Love Yourself Successful – The missing link to Complete Happiness in Life and Success in Your Business”

Regardless of what type of financial situation you’re in, many entrepreneurs struggle because of lack of love in their life….love and support for or by a significant other, love and confidence in yourself or love for life in general. Lack of love in any capacity can surely hold you back from making huge monetary gains in your business whether you realize it or not. And this can send your business into a tailspin with little warning! Join Katrina in this content rich presentation where she will share insights from her book, “Love Yourself Successful”

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

“Monetize Your Message”
Taking the time to clearly identify your message is a goldmine. Your true message as a speaker stems from your passion, experience and expertise; is broad enough to grow with you and narrow enough to attract a niche market. It’s a tall order but well worth the time and effort because a well-crafted message becomes easy to monetize.

smallTonya Hofmann

“How to get Booked and Paid to Speak”

The real world application on how to change people’s lives from the front of the room and make a whole lot of money at the same time. The speaking world has changed drastically in the last 3 years, Tonya will give you the insight on how it has changed and how to adjust for it to make an impact on your life and people you meet!

minette-riordan-speakerMinette Riordan

“The Secret M.A.G.I.C. of Money”
Dr. Minette Riordan will share her 5 step MAGIC formula for mastering money, mindset and marketing. Make 2014 the year you break 6 figures in your business. With Minette’s formula, you will be unstoppable!

December 2013 Summit! 

smallTonya Hofmann

“Turn Strangers into VIP Clients!”

There are easier ways to find new clients, meet potential new clients and build your business. Tonya will be giving you real world information to help you grow your business fast!

jill-lublin-smJill Lublin

“Using Guerrilla Publicity to Increase Revenues”

Doling out gems from her bestselling book, “Guerrilla Publicity”, Jill shares powerful strategies for getting your name from unknown to newsworthy in almost no time. You will rethink everything you know about publicity when Jill shatters the misconception that publicity is expensive. Sharing her proven secrets to understanding what the media outlets want, Jill provides you with short-term, doable, FREE and low-cost tactics that will boost your visibility. Jill Lublin’s expertise will drive profits to your pockets, and prospects to your door!

toni-harris-2015-2Toni Harris

“Explode Your Business with Email Marketing”

Email marketing has quickly become one of the fastest Internet marketing tools to reach the masses. In fact, email marketing is the launching pad to successful social media marketing. Email marketing hands down has the best return on your investment and is the best marketing tool to reach thousands of people at the click of a button. Reaching the masses = exploding your business!

Norma_Hollis_Headshot_2015Norma Hollis

“Gain R.A.P.I.D. Speaking Success”

There is a certain sequence of activities that will shorten your journey to success as a speaker. Learn the process from a veteran of the speaking industry and shave years off the time it takes you to learn and master the business of speaking.

alicia-white-smAlicia White

“Monetize Your Message Every Time You Speak”

Speakers learn the must have products and how to use them to generate revenue and leads every time they speak.

linda-p-evansLinda Pringle-Evans

“Leverage Your Business with Live Events”

The presentation is revealing 3 key elements for hosting live events. How live events increase your visibility, creditibility, and profitability. Why live events are more important today than ever before.

Minette Riordan

“Are You a Bulldozer or a Ringmaster? What Speakers Need to Know to Build Credibility with Their Audience”

As a professional speaker, it’s your job to get our audience to know, like and trust you – quickly! In this teleseminar Dr. Minette Riordan will discuss four distinct personality styles, help you do a short assessment of your own style and then teach you how to style-shift to effectively boost your credibility with any audience. Most audiences are made up of people representative of all four personal styles. In order to quickly build trust and credibility with all of them, you have to speak in a way that appeals to each of the four groups. Dr. Riordan will give you some quick tips for understanding what each style wants from you and how to include specific elements in your talks that will get their attention and keep it!?

JoAnn-Ajayi-Scott-fullJoAnn Ajayi-Scott

“Speak UP! LEVERAGE Your Cause as a Public Speaker”

As the old saying goes, IF IT HAS TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME!

Whether you are speaking to one person or a thousand people, your message should resonate volumes when it relates to promoting your cause. People listening to you should be able to feel your passion and conviction each time you open your mouth. When one looks back on influencers of the world, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, even Steve Jobs, the pivotal point in each of their lives were when they made a conscious decision to speak globally about a cause they were very passionate about, even willing to die for. We, as entrepreneurs must exemplify that same passion for our cause. You may say, “but I don’t have a cause, I run a business!” Well, let’s explore how your business represents your cause, how you can LEVERAGE your business through cause marketing, and how speaking can catapult your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

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