Different is Good Summit: April 11th

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Alycia Anderson 

11am EST/ 10 CST/ 9 MST/ 8 PST

“Why Image Matters”

In this presentation you will learn why your image is the top thing making an impact for your bottom line and how you can make your look work overtime for you.

Elizabeth Bachman 

11:30am EST/ 10:30 CST/ 9:30 MST/ 8:30 PST

“Next Steps to Getting Booked and Getting Paid”

You have you materials, you know your niche, now what? Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares advanced techniques for getting more and better paid gigs. www.GetBookedGetPaidNow.com

Rex Sikes

12pm EST/ 11am CST/ 10 MST/ 9 PST

Stop Doing What You Always Do”

If you always do what you always did nothing changes. In order for your life you must change some things in your life. What can you begin to do differently that will get you better results?

Find out from Rex!


Barney Kramer

12:30pm EST/ 11:30am CST/ 10:30 MST/ 9:30 PST

“Simplicity = Success”

The best leaders keep it Simple! I will give you a six step formula to excel at being a leader!

Miluna Fausch 

3pm EST/ 2 CST/ 1 MST/ 12 PST

“Your voice makes you different & unique!”

Join us for this lively romp through the world of the voice – how it works, what makes yours special, and tips to make the most of your voice!

Sarah Ross

3:30pm EST/ 2:30 CST/ 1:30 MST/ 12:30 PST

“10 Pairs of Socks: Leadership Lessons from an Orphan”

Ever wondered where you can get the best leadership lessons? Assumed the answer had to be a college, or business school? What if the lessons were in places you could never imagine whilst doing something to help others. Different isn’t bad, it’s a very powerful teacher!

Janifer Wheeler 

4pm EST/ 3CST/ 2MST/ 1PST

“Besties, Boundaries and Inner Bullies: Unleash Your SoulFull BadAss”

In this session, we’ll explore how understanding your unique, Inner BadAss Bestie will help you set healthy boundaries that empower you for success. We’ll address those pesky self-doubts and limiting beliefs created by your mind – aka your inner bully. You’ll become your own bestie hero and unleash your badass soul power in every aspect of life!

Dennis Riley 

4:30pm EST/ 3:30 CST/ 2:30 MST/ 1:30 PST

Create Your Unique System”

Create a system that works for you instead of going with a standard template.

Grace Lanni

5pm EST/ 4 CST/ 3 MST/ 2 PST

Celebrate Your Network Channel’s Mirror of Differentiation”

Celebrate Your Network Channel’s Mirror of Differentiation Having trouble figuring out why people choose you over others offering similar or alternative solutions? Feel sure about the competitive advantage you and your coach identified 2 years ago? Knew your title and to-dos were well understood in the corporate world, but not translating to your new consulting practice? Surprised that your revenue is dropping, or that people are asking if you can perform your core offering using different words? The speed of changing marketing activity and lingo on and offline is doubling at crazy rates. What if you considered each on and offline network each having a special mirror to reflect your differentiation? Join Grace Lanni as she shares the difference between inside-out and outside-in marketing discovery and stitching together the different views to build your differentiated path to success. Key takeaways include: • Understanding The 3 types of differentiation • Reconciling inside-out and outside-in branding profiles • Strategies to hold up your channel mirror • How to inject a network with new differentiation.

Drew Hunthausen

5:30pm EST/ 4:30 CST/ 3:30 MST/ 2:30 PST


Essentials for success

Latoya Franklin 

6pm EST/ 5 CST/ 4 MST/ 3 PST

“What is your LIFE Walk?”

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