Pass Summit #10

Fox Beyer

“A Hit Life”

Blend- Because You Have To!

Annika Sörensen 

“Work-Life Balance – is that possible?”

Stress has a tendancy to take over at work when the to-do-list is miles long and the inbox messages are endless. In this program Dr Annika will guide you through some easy tips on how to handle that and find your inner calm at work.

Jisele Tuuri 

“The 3 Keys to Living a Balanced Life”

There are 3 keys that can easily be incorporated into your life that will create more balance between your work and personal life. This not only creates better productivity in business but also creates more peace and fun in your personal life as well.

Elizabeth Bachman

“Get Noticed, Get Hired – Learn to Love Networking”

To promote your business, you need to be NOTICED. Networking is one of the best ways to make this happen. Yet too many people dread networking events, hide in a corner and let opportunities pass them by. Elizabeth Bachman will show you how to: • Feel at Ease at Any Networking Event • Stop Wasting Time and Find the RIGHT Contacts • Make a Positive Impact!

Holly Porter

“How to Be a Sought after Speaker”

🔥How to be a Sought after Speaker! ✅Do you aspire to be a Sought after Speaker? ✅Is it a challenge finding stages to get on? It’s all about being more visible! Tune in for some tips on how you can become more visible, be seen as the expert and get on more stages to connect with more audiences

Sarah Ross 

“Reset, Recharge and Thrive after Burnout”

Learn how to reset your life and smile! Don’t let burnout rob your joy!

Jennifer Jost

Level up – Break 3 Barriers to Wealth

It is your time to release the stress and overwhelm. Finally say hello to feelings of wealth no matter how many zeros you have.

Patricia Drain

Discover your CORE talents and strengths, learn to monetize them, then you can make a difference

I share a couple of stories from my book DISCOVERING YOUR CORE that help people see how to peel back the layers to get to the gifts they came in with.

Marcia Bench

The 4 Pillars of Becoming a Conscious Expert

Five percent of people in any given field – including speaking – rise to the top as the go-to expert. What makes that difference? Are they just lucky? Charismatic? No, in this presentation Marcia will take you behind the scenes of what it really takes to be seen as an expert – and the four key components every speaker needs to put in place to do so. Don’t miss it!

Carrie Vanston 

“The 3 Secrets to Getting Out of the Alligator Pit – And Staying Out!”

Christine Powers

“Take Back Your Time (And Your Life) in 5 Minutes!

“I feel like I NEVER have enough time for myself.” Do you ever feel like that? That things like eating well, massages, rest, and exercise find their way to the bottom of your to-do list? If so, you’re not alone. According to a Gallup poll, about six in 10 working Americans (61%) say they do not have enough time to do what they want. This is especially true if you’re an executive, entrepreneur, or professional. Work doesn’t ever seem to stop. (And yet you’re STILL expected to be a top performer.) And if you have kids, a spouse, a dog, parents, and other relationships demanding your time, it gets even harder. Don’t worry, there is hope!

Debbie Hoffman

Power-Up Your Follow-Up Without Being Salesy
Most entrepreneurs struggle to create balance in their lives. They work so hard to pursue their
dreams, but they burn themselves out in the process. Why? Because they’re not working smart…
They don’t have a proven system in place to organize their sales activities and make optimum
use of their time.
During her presentation, Debbie will share how you can power up your follow up in a step-by-
step sequence so you can build prosperous (and authentic) relationships. The net result is that
you’ll convert more prospects into clients without being salesy.

Fox Beyer

“Time Teaches!”

Experiences, both good and bad, are great teachers.

Roger Carlson

“Return to Vulcan’s Forge, Renaissance for Atomic Power”

Throughout history, people worried about getting enough fuel to burn. In the late 1900s, people got the new worry, that burning too much fuel would pump too much carbon dioxide into the air and overheat the world through global greenhouse warming. Splitting atoms, nuclear fission, can power our world without producing carbon dioxide. Fission power has had problems, but it is only game in town that can work now. Our next speaker, Roger Carlson tells why global warming is a serious concern, why alternatives to fossil fuels are not enough, why early fission power had problems, how next generation fission power can provide us affordable greenhouse-safe energy … and how you can help. Roger Carlson earned a degree in studies of the future. He has worked in the fields of energy and aerospace for forty years. He is now speaking for Doombusters: Saving the World for Fun and Profit (

Natalie Forest


The Time is NOW — what are you waiting for? It’s funny how time passes… it often seems to slip by. Let’s take time back. Let’s make sure we are in charge of the tic-toc of time by focusing on taking our power back . I will share some insights with you on how to take your power back – the power that may be limiting you right now. Where are those limits? They are in your patterns… especially the subconscious ones. Are you ready to take charge of your time, make time count for you so you can live YOUR life YOUR way NOW?

Jisele Tuuri

“Turning Back the Hands of Time”

Who doesn’t want to look and feel younger? Is it possible without surgery or pills? Today, there are all sorts of “anti-aging” solutions, from topical creams, serums, pills and surgery. Many of them work, some have drastic results and how long do they last when they do work? What if you could slow or prevent the aging process in a way that is long lasting and doesn’t involve invasive surgery, drugs or pills of any kind. How would you like to know a “body friendly” way that is not only long lasting but a lot healthier? Let me show you how.

Elizabeth Bachman 

“Next Steps to Getting Booked and Getting Paid”

You have you materials, you know your niche, now what? Join Elizabeth Bachman as she shares advanced techniques for getting more and better paid gigs.

Rex Sikes

Stop Doing What You Always Do”

If you always do what you always did nothing changes. In order for your life you must change some things in your life. What can you begin to do differently that will get you better results?

Find out from Rex!

Brittany Parsons 

“Why We Shame”

You play the blame game with yourself every day, and today we are going to talk about those voices in your head!

Carmen Davailus 

“Show UP and Make a Quiet Fuss”

Shhhh…you don’t have to yell to rise above the noise. Top 3 ways to get heard without saying a word.

Annika Sörensen

“Stress management in a different way”

The world is filled with quick fixes to manage our stressful lives. They might work in the moment but they never give permanent change, the root cause is still there. In this presentation I want to show a different way to tackle the Hamster Wheel, to make that so much wanted change towards a calmer life.

Miluna Fausch 

“Your voice makes you different & unique!”

Join us for this lively romp through the world of the voice – how it works, what makes yours special, and tips to make the most of your voice!

Gary McKinsey

Choose Your Words Make a Connection”

Steps to determine which words you choose to make a meaningful trusting connection with your prospect.

Janifer Wheeler 

“Besties, Boundaries and Inner Bullies: Unleash Your SoulFull BadAss”

In this session, we’ll explore how understanding your unique, Inner BadAss Bestie will help you set healthy boundaries that empower you for success. We’ll address those pesky self-doubts and limiting beliefs created by your mind – aka your inner bully. You’ll become your own bestie hero and unleash your badass soul power in every aspect of life!

Dennis Riley 

Create Your Unique System”

Create a system that works for you instead of going with a standard template.

Drew Hunthausen


Essentials for success

Fox Beyer

“Individuality Saved”

We are genetically designed to be different. Embrace individuality.

Gloria Chandler 

“Different Is Good”

It pays to be different because we were all created to be who GOD made us to be. We each carry a different DNA. there is no one like us on this earth. Others may try to duplicate but, they will be hard pressed to do so..

Marcia Bench 

“Scale Your Speaking with Soul: How to Create Your Transformational Empire from One Talk”

Getting a speaking gig if just the beginning of your opportunity to impact others – and many speakers miss out on the opportunity to build a “back end offer” to their speaking. With our Scale with Soul model, you will discover how to not only design additional opportunities for those to whom you speak to work with you – but to raise your fees to premium levels, and get them!

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