Denver, CO Holistic Regional Event

Join us for 1 full days of Networking, Collaboration, Training and More to Build Your Business, Jump Start Your Marketing, Find New Clients and Explode the Possibilities in the Holistic Community!

August 3rd, 2019 9 to 5pm

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Our Line Up of who will WOW YOU!

Tonya Hofmann:

CEO & Founder of Public Speakers Association

“Build Massive Movement and the Right Community!”

Tonya will walk you step by step on how to market your business, create reoccurring income and explode your connection to opportunities you can’t even imagine!  You don’t know what you don’t know and it is about time you get some real information that will make a true impact on your future.  There needs to be a real conversation so that you can make an impact on other people’s lives and on your own so that you can continue doing what you love.  Let’s have some fun and work out the kinks to start enjoying a consistent revenue and find clients with ease.


Jason Antalek: Spiritual Handyman:
Jason Antalek is an international speaker, teacher and spiritual leader. His passion is actively connecting people with their Divine gifts.

“Your Energy, Your Business!”

Sharing how our Soul-Level energies influence all that we do, including our businesses.

How our businesses become their own energetic entity and what that means for development. Also, how we can better apply this understanding in our lives and to manifest what is in our best interest and that of our clients and customers.

Brenda Milewski: Unshackled-you

Brenda grew a passion for exposing the root causes of mental issues by assisting from a non-clinical, holistic approach to achieve mental wellness .

“Mind Buster – How to Achieve Mental Wellness”

Learn who you are, bring your identity from out of the shadows
Capture those negative thoughts, they don’t define you
Your prescription for mental wellness
What does it mean to speak life and how does it contribute to my mental wellness

Kandy Graves:

Kandy is a Pattern Breaking, Energy Therapist assisting clients w/ Subconscious Reprogramming & the Epi-Genetic Technique that neutralizes painful memories up to PTSD in seconds! 

“Understanding Your Vibrational Frequency: Why what you don’t know CAN hurt your business”

The presentation will present the concept that our results in life are coming from the sub-conscious which is fully programmed by age 7. 90% of what we are saying and doing everyday is coming from that programmed belief system. This presentation will allow the participant to learn how to identify what’s there and then understand the tools available and necessary to reprogram their minds with what they actually, deliberately want from their business and relationships. This is simple and easy, it requires a commitment for something better.


Joyce Blue:

Joyce Blue is a certified transformational & Rapid Results coach who is passionate about empowering women to master their relationship with money.

“Optimize Your Money Relationship For More Abundance”

Discover limiting beliefs that may have been hiding in plain sight for years. Reveal how to quickly and easily disrupt old ways of thinking to make way for more empowered beliefs that will pave the way for better results and more abundance in your life.

You will walk away with key points and a free gift to increase your flow and financial abundance.


Unity Spiritual Center: Denver

3021 S. University Blvd, Denver, CO 80210


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