Here are some amazing, fun, educational and incredible opportunities to speak in front of movers and shakers, potential new JV Partners, and Walk Out with Speaking Opportunities and MORE!

  1. Public Speakers Conference in London, England June 20-22nd 2019

2. PSA’s Holistic Business Regional Event, Denver, Colorado August 3rd
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Tentatively set for June 26-28th 2020!

We have 8 to 20+ Associations, Organizations and Chambers all attending the conference to show collaboration and connect our speakers to not only amazing attendees but also to the President, Director of Programs and Conference Speaker Program Directors as well from these organizations.

3 Different Tracks in the Conference:

  1. Everyone Attending… Must be a Life/Business Changing Training and Interactive Presentation
  2. Entrepreneurial Journey… Give insight to help business owners become more successful
  3. Career Development for Those Employeed… Change the lives of those who still have a Job, Job and create real movement in their careers

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