Jim Pagiamtzis’ Interview

jim-PagiamtzisJim Pagiamtzis’ Fabulousness Revealed Interview

Has life always been “easy” for you?

No it has not been. It’s been a journey of learning, sharing and failing. In early 2003 I met two mentors who change my direction from an ordinary to extraordinary journey of meeting new people who would shape my life to something I never realized in my wildest dreams!

How amazing are you now?

Executive Director of Public Speakers Association

Jim Pagiamtzis is the Founder of 21 Connections; he shares Learn, Speak and Social strategies that work! Jim’s articles have been included in numerous small business and professional publications, blogs and online sites. He has an online radio show and has interviewed and written spotlight features on more than 50 entrepreneur and professionals.

He became a professional speaker in 2007 and is currently the Director of Public Speakers Association in Toronto. Jim has spoken to corporate organizations, small business groups, and college audiences across Ontario, delivering both keynote presentations and learning seminars in a dynamic speaking style, empowering and inspiring his audiences to apply his simple and effective systems.

Jim is also an Accredited Solution Provider for Constant Contact and presents to a variety of networking groups, educational organizations and small business groups on using email and social media to create new opportunities.

How do you change lives?

I have had the great opportunity to meet and connect with amazing leaders. Currently I am Director of the Public Speakers Association:Toronto and have the amazing opportunity to have professionals and entrepreneur join an platform that will allow them to learn, grow and be part of the great networking of people who are making happen!

What do you LOVE speaking about when you are on stage?

Being on stage is two parts. 1st Being able to share my insight and expertise that I have learning and secondly to empower and inspire that they can learn and do it also! Change The World From the Front of the Room is what we strive to do and will be doing for future. We want to inspire and teach the future leaders and give them the resources they need to get it done.

What is your favorite part about speaking?

Sharing some of the great place I have been and the awesome people I have met. It has been a journey of learning and experience that have impacted my life and share with other that they can do the same if they choose to do so. The reason I say that is that it will take determination and persistence to believe in what you do and be able to share it and believe in it.

How does someone find out more information about you, your products/services/business?

You can connect with through my blog and website. www.jimpagiamtzis.ca and www.jimpagiamtzis.blogspot.com > follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope.

What are you offering our readers today?

Download my book for free http://bit.ly/1MGakr0 Lots of topics Leadership, Networking, LinkedIn, Presentation Skills, Email Marketing