Eileen Head: Why Can’t I Figure Us Out? Part 1

Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?

I struggled through thirty-five years of marriage feeling not enough, powerless to change the situation, and unloved…at least not the way I needed to feel loved.

When I could not find any answers to Why, I left that marriage. Afterwards discovering the Enneagram (any-a-gram) personalities was the biggest Aha of my life. All the pieces of the puzzle came together to understand myself, my ex-husband, and the dance we did for thirty-five years, blind folded, unconscious and unaware.

Understanding my own personality and the personality couple dynamics has helped me to heal, forgive myself and him.

And it has lead me to my passion, purpose, and path. Helping others in their relationships so they don’t have to struggle has lead me to happiness, feeling empowered, and balanced in my life.

Part 1