Challenge Yourself Summit- Nov 14

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Solomon Adeyemi Peter 

5pm GMT/ 12 EST/ 11am CST/ 10 MST/ 9 PST

“Runner-up psychology”

This will be basically on why winners keep winning and losers keep losing. Systematic model of being a champ.

Fox Beyer 

5:10pm GMT/ 12:10 EST/ 11:10am CST/ 10:10 MST/ 9:10 PST

“Challenge Mindset”

The value of analyzing failures.

Rex Sikes

5:20pm GMT/ 12:20 EST/ 11:20am CST/ 10:20 MST/ 9:20 PST

“Hidden within is your power

Find your resources within you

Elizabeth Bachman   

5:30pm GMT/ 12:30 EST/ 11:30am CST/ 10:30 MST/ 9:30 PST

“Don’t settle for “Good Enough” Make your Speech GREAT!”

Are you getting the results you want from your speaking? Do you have a standard speech that’s getting stale? Join Elizabeth Bachman to learn how too take a script form Good to Great.

Speaker Info Coming soon! 

5:40pm GMT/ 12:40 EST/ 11:40am CST/ 10:40 MST/ 9:40 PST

Chad Bowman 

5:50pm GMT/ 12:50 EST/ 11:50am CST/ 10:50 MST/ 9:50 PST

“Home Loans for Veterans”

What can we all do to help military veterans in our community become homeowners through the VA home loan benefits they earned from their honorable service?

Carmen Davailus   

6:00pm GMT/ 1:00 EST/ 12:00 CST/ 11:00am MST/ 10:00 PST

“Take the Leap and Show Up on Social Media”

3 Easy Challenges to leap into the Social Media World and make a BIG splash just by being yourself.

Speaker Info Coming soon! 

6:10pm GMT/ 1:10 EST/ 12:10 CST/ 11:10am MST/ 10:10 PST

Speaker Info Coming soon! 

6:20pm GMT/ 1:20 EST/ 12:20 CST/ 11:20am MST/ 10:20 PST

Speaker Info Coming soon! 

6:30pm GMT/ 1:30 EST/ 12:30 CST/ 11:30am MST/ 10:30 PST

Speaker Info Coming soon! 

6:40pm GMT/ 1:40 EST/ 12:40 CST/ 11:40am MST/ 10:40 PST

Speaker Info Coming soon! 

6:50pm GMT/ 1:50 EST/ 12:50 CST/ 11:50am MST/ 10:50 PST

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