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Building A Great Stage with Elliot Kay

As Co-Founder of Speaker Express, Elliot not only knows what it takes to build great stage presence but is also a master at teaching business owners how to transform their messages into a powerful growth tool. Using his love of speaking to help build 3 successful businesses, Elliot has spent more than 7000 hours on stage, speaking to audiences across Europe, Africa, the US, and the Middle East. With a passion for stretching speakers to their full potential, Elliot’s down-to-earth and charismatic approach enables aspiring speakers and business owners to quickly get the results they are looking for in an authentic and empowering way.

Acting as a mentor and teacher, his success in helping hundreds of entrepreneurs use the stage to build heir business led to the creation of The Speakers’ Method, a proven formula to getting more growth and exposure exclusive to Speaker Express.

Elliot is also the author of 4 books including the best-selling Speak Influence Sell and Power to Succeed. When he’s not on stage, mentoring speakers, or building his business empire, you can find Elliot spending time with his beautiful wife, daughter and son or training for his next half marathon.


Co-Founder of Speaker Express

Elliot Kay

[email protected]


Owner and CEO of the Public Speakers Association

Jason Antalek

The MAYOR at Podcast Town

Elzie Flenard