Barbara Williams’ Interview

BarbaraWilliams-smBarbara Williams’ Fabulousness Revealed Interview

Has life always been “easy” for you?

Easy? What’s easy? Easy is wanting to change the TV station and having the remote in your hand to just push a button, and voila, there you have it! That’s easy. Life is a different story! If you’re going to take part in it, you can’t sit and wait for things to happen; nor do things just fall into your lap from the sky. You must take some action on your desired outcome. With that said, I have found it very challenging to continuously push myself to do something new and different to take me to the next level. It’s been a journey. The more I do, the more I grow; and the more I grow, the more I realize I haven’t even begun to tap into potential that lay dormant within. I want that, but sometimes fear stalls me; and so it ends up taking much longer than it needed to be. But the end is always an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for what I learned along the way. Easy, far from it! But for me, life has been exactly what I needed it to be to get me to where I am now; and for that I’m thankful.

How amazing are you now?

I began work in the mid-90’s as a Personal Development Coach in my company, People Developers, Inc. Shortly thereafter I returned to school and received a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, with a focus on Mental Health. With my undergrad being in Business and Management, this equipped me with a new set of skills, and enabled me to be used in a way that included all of my gifts, talents and abilities combined. I later became a Licensed Professional Counselor. Since that time, I have received credentials as a National Certified Counselor, a Board Certified Coach, a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor, and a Certified Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples. I currently reside in the state of Texas with my husband of over 40 years. The longevity of this joyful union is a testament to why I do what I do. Together we have an adult son (one grandson), and an adult daughter. Today, as a Relationship Coach, I help women turn their relationship challenges into personal victories. It’s been an amazing long journey to go from where I was to where I am now, but when I look back over my life I can clearly see the mercy and graceful hand of God!

How do you change lives?

I personally do not change lives; I am a willing vessel; a conduit, through which change can take place, when others allow it. I am privileged with the opportunity to meet, listen to, share educational tidbits of information and inspiration that empowers others to be, do, and have their desires come true. As a Relationship Coach, I’m in the business of helping women create the life and relationships they love and deserve.

What do you LOVE speaking about when you are on stage?

There are many things that come at us daily to frustrate and discourage us from moving forward. This can be a constant challenge. I love encouraging and inspiring women to look within for that little ounce of will power to keep keeping on. Often because we have so much on our plates at any given moment, sometimes we may have the tendency to procrastinate. We just have to watch what we’re putting off; or avoiding; or resisting. I love reminding women of the powerful beings they are and what they have the capacity of being, doing, and having. Why? Because when she remembers who she really is, she can impact the world in a most powerful and unforgettable way. I also love speaking about the power of being present to what really matters, and not getting caught up in the distractions.

What is your favorite part about speaking?

My favorite part about speaking is having someone to listen, and having the opportunity of watching the light bulb come on in such a way that you know their life has been impacted by what was shared.

How does someone find out more information about you, your products/services/business?

I have come alongside and worked with many individuals and couples to support them in having the life and relationship of their hearts desire. To see, hear, read, and learn more about who I am and what I do, connect with me at http://barbaraannwilliams.com.

What are you offering our readers today?

Visit http://barbaraannwilliams.com and get your FREE Report “5 Keys to Having a Successful and Satisfying Relationship”. Visit the site for many other free resources and materials that can support you in having the life and relationship you love and deserve. After you connect, don’t forget to ask for your “Complementary Relationship Strategy Session”.