Warm It Up Summit: June 6th

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Sheila Unique

12pm EST/ 11am CST/ 9 PST

“Super Heros Warming it UP!”

Experience living the Super Hero way using The Unique Approach. Learn about self empowerment and still maintain your character!

Chris Salem

2pm EST/ 1 CST/ 11am PST

“The Impact of Transparent Leadership for Sustainable Success”
Objectives: 1.What is Authentic Leadership? 2.Characteristics of authentic leaders 3.The Five “I”s to mastering authentic leadership 4.8 key points to being a Authentic Leader 5.Impact over traditional leadership 6.Impact on profits, efficiency, and productivity 7.Mindfulness – secret to success

Drew Hunthausen

3:30pm EST/ 2:30 CST/ 12:30 PST

“Living life to the fullest”

Live your life to it’s maximum potential with a positive attitude, abundance of gratitude and no excuses.

Fox Beyer

4pm EST/ 3 CST/ 1 PST

“Do You!”
Stories and poetry

Aymii Couzelis
5pm EST/ 4 CST/ 2 PST
“Elevate Your Culture: 3 Keys to Evolve Your Company’s Culture”
● Gain clarity on what makes a culture work
● Create an environment where everyone thrives
● Learn what you can start doing now to have a more creative,
dynamic company culture and a better bottom line

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