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Recordings from…

Fabulous World Summit: Jan 25th

Fox Beyer

“Let the world around you ignite your fire within!”
Through anecdotes of my life, endless possibilities are what have kept me on my feet.

Tilde Guajardo
“Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”
Have you ever wondered why it seems like some folks have all the breaks in life or business? What if I told you it usually stems from them having a positive outlook on life. Optimism is key to leading a life full of Joy, Happiness, and overall satisfaction. This is not a class where I will tell you how to lead a perfect life because that is impossible. This class will teach you some of the ways you can retrain your brain and begin to see your life from a healthier and more optimistic perspective. These tools and tactics have helped me in my own life to overcome difficult traumas/transitions and having a joy filled life I once only dreamed of having.


Drew Hunthausen

“2017: the best is yet to come”

2017 is a new year. No matter what happened in the past good or bad, the best is yet to come. Stay inspired for tomorrow is always a new day.

Arlene Gale

“Make ‘The Whole World of Writing’
Part of Your New Year’s Business Growth Plan”
Learn about benefits of newly created networking, referral group for anyone in any field related to writing: publishers, illustrators, cover artists, marketers, editors, layout & design experts, current published authors, future published authors & more.

Rakhi Ahuja

“Don’t Run Behind Success!!”
How can we increase our Value so Success runs behind us!!!!

Elizabeth Liz Johnson
“A Fabulous World of Opportunities”
There is a Fabulous World of Opportunities all around you!
To reach your next levels of success, you MUST seize those opportunities!

Cassandra Freeman
“A World That Wants To Help You”
Lets talk about what it means to truly share your gift with the world and how we can help one another achieve our dreams.

Murphy Roland


THEN WHEN? The path to personal development and finding the perfect career.”

The only formula created that will enable you to find a career in any State no matter your education level or situation.

Katrina Sawa

“Top 3 “Must-Do” Marketing Strategies for 2017″
Are you tired of trying to figure out all the things you need to do to jumpstart your business, get clients and make money? If so, make sure you tune in to Katrina’s talk to help get you more FOCUSED on the best and most effective ways to market in 2017!

Recordings from…

This Time Next Year:

Dec 14th Summit


T.Allen Hanes

“YOU: Mission Critical”

Do you know your mission? Are you on the right trajectory?
You need a mission control team o help you get there. We can help you with that.


R. Shawn McBride

“The Advantages of Women in Business Partnerships”

Discusses key advantages of Women in Business Partnerships building off of R. Shawn McBride’s 2016 TEDx talk on the same topic.


Shahara Wright

“2017 Business Trends”

By now you should have begun planning for 2017. Ideally you are looking at the things that worked and did not work in 2016. You are probably looking at the “hot trends” and figuring out how to incorporate those trends into your business.


Elizabeth Bachman

“Fill Your Calendar with Lucrative Speaking Gigs in 2017”
Elizabeth Bachman shares The 5 Secrets to Getting Booked – and Booked Again / How to Turn Cold Calls into Bookings / What to Do if They Say No In short — How to Fill Your Calendar with Fun and Lucrative

Catherine White

“Twist Your Goals – Juice Your Results”
Are you sick and tired of goals that fail? Guess what – it’s not your fault that your goals aren’t working! Find out why your goals are failing and learn a SIMPLE formula ‘Twist Your Goals’ and get what you want in 2017!

Deanne Gamba

“From Chaos to Calm in 3 Simple Steps”
Are you stuck in chaos and struggling to achieve more each day? Simple shifts in your day can easily create massive leaps in your productivity. Learn secrets to create a balanced lifestyle while you achieve more…without going crazy!!!


Tina Greenbaum

“Mastery Under Pressure: Managing Your Emotions Through the Holidays”

Holidays are frequently stressful, especially when your barely managing your current life. Learn 3 tips that will help you breeze through the holidays.

Wael Badawy

“Rock your income in 2017”

Wael Badawy will share his techniques to rock your income in 2017. A step by step system to plan your product launches to maximise you income.

Alicia White

“Seven Tools Speakers Need to Get More Business”

If you speak to grow your business, you will want these seven tools ready to go in the new year! Learn about the tools, then develop them now so you can generate leads and give your message legs long after you leave the room all year long.


Fox Beyer

“Picturize…..then actualize”


Barney Kramer
Success begins with a Great Vision. A vision so powerful that it empowers everyone from start to finish to become the best they can be at fulfilling the needs and wants of those intended to benefit from the subject of the Vision.


Debbie Hoffman

“How to Attract More Clients…Fast Without Being Salesy”
I will be talking about how follow-up is the missing piece of the puzzle for most entrepreneurs and it can literally make or break your business. I’ll share 3 of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to follow-up.


Arlene Gale

“Dream Big! If Time and Money Were No Issue, What Would You Do?”

We’re told to dream big like that’s all there is to success. But dreams without plans are illusions, lies we tell ourselves. What if there’s a secret formula for creating a plan to make dreams real? There is, but it’s not a secret. I’ll share the steps.


Rosemarie Barnes

“Confident Reinvention”
In our rapidly changing world, we are often called to reinvent our skills and attitudes. Why are some people more adept at reworking themselves to fit into or lead the new paradigms? Confident Reinvention takes a look at how to succeed in today’s world.

Justin Luyt
“Building Successful Virtual Teams”
To double your business “By This Time Next Year” you can not do it alone. You will need a team of skilled resource to help you propel forward. A successful v-team can help you move your business forward.

Jim Pagiamtzis
“This year time next year you will be the new Rock Star YOU!”

Recordings from…

Transform…2017 Virtual Summit Nov 16th


Lynn Hawks

“It’s not about what you want to say… It’s about what they want to hear!”

VIDEO is the most influential medium for attracting and engaging potential clients online. The next best thing to being face to face. Learn how to turn a 3 minute message into a compelling call to action that will make your phone ring with NEW clients.


Atul Mehra

“How to program your subconscious mind.”

“95% of our life you live subconsciously. You use less than 1% of our brain capacity during your whole life and Einstein used only 5%. Make your relationships better, enjoy health, attract wealth and above all know your inner power. I am going to share with you some of the most important secrets which are going to change your life.”


Sonya Williams

“3 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Money”

The importance of Clarity, Action and Accountability to create more money and abundance in your life.


Wael Badawy

“The power of you”

Learn about the power of you and how you can monetize your brand


Arlene Gale

“Riding the waves in 2017”

As the tide rolls us into 2017, how can we be more intentional about the way waves roll over us. Learn the difference between small, medium, and large waves and our level of participation in them. We can’t control waves in life, only our response to them.


Fox Beyer

“Transforming yourself by wearing out failure”

By giving you a snapshot of the obstacles that I face every day, I hope to transform you- and empower you to be your best.


Deborah Chelette-Wilson

“Transform Frazzle into Sparkle”

Time to Pause from the frazzled distractions and holiday business and

get your sparkle on in 2017.


Elizabeth Bachman

“Go Beyond the Ordinary to Craft a Script that SELLS”

Does it seem as if every speaker follows the same format?
Elizabeth Bachman teaches you the Key Refinements that will turn an OK script into a Super Star Presentation


Wael Badawy

“Transform your brand into income”

transform your brand, life and power into income

Recordings from…

Fall- Oct 19th Summit


Arlene Gale

“Fall: A Four-Letter Word”

Four letter words are considered naughty words in our culture. Gain a unique outlook on how to reframe some 4-letter words to point toward perception, persistence, peace, and gratitude.


Fox Beyer

“Rising After The Fall”

If you fall, roll over on your back- if you can look up, you can get up.


Wael Badawy

Stand Out, Not Blend In to triple your income in 6 month or less

The 5 toxic ingredients that stop you from making income and maximize profit of your brand and stop you from being successful (and how you can avoid them in your business!). Once you learn this, you will see how easy it is to dominate your industry to $$$


Cheryl Ginnings

“When Opportunity Knocks, What do you do?”


Drew Hunthausen
“Navigating This Life Together”
Will talk about my journey through life/ from 11 year old kid playing baseball and golf, to spending 3 months in a coma near death, to becoming an inspirational/ motivational speaker, best selling author, and tri-athlete. Life only works “together”!

Recordings from…

Fab How-to-a-thon Oct 6th


Colleen Weitmarschen

“Five CLEAR Tips so Your Business Message Doesn’t Fall Short”

In this Fab-a-Thon, Colleen shares her five tips to a CLEAR message so it doesn’t “fall” short. Your written content is more than words on paper. It’s what you do with the words that matter.


Tina Greenbaum

“How to Recover After Going Blank: A Speaker’s Greatest Fear”

Anxiety can easily creep into diminishing your performance as a speaker. Learn how to manage it before and during your performance.


Fox Beyer

“Do you- and you can’t go wrong!”

Want to attract people who you can trust?

The only way to do this is be an “open book.”

In this spirit, I will open myself up to you.


Jose Rafael

“The multi-million goal achiever system”

A highly efficient and proven 5 step system multi-million companies use to accomplish their goals

Jim Pagiamtzis

“How to create short and simple interviews or tips to share and
engage your network!”
All you need is iPhone, camera, microphone and extension and quiet space


Lady Christy

“The ultimate confidence conversation”

Recordings from…

Something New Summit: Sept ’16



Elizabeth Bachman

“The Melody of Your Message”

The success or failure of a presentation has as much to do with HOW you deliver your text as what you say. Learn how to *Truly engage your listeners / *Reach even the doubters and multi-taskers / Use the Melody of your Message to create raving fans!


Tina Greenbaum

“Mastery UnderPressure:journey into the Minds of Champions”
do you ever wonder how great athletes and performers manage to stay calm under tremendous pressure? Come learn the mental skills that make them great. We, as business professionals, need those same skills to manage our own emtional roller coaster.


Jackie Lapin

“Creating a Sensational One-Sheet”

Mastering the Art of Developing a Compelling Benefit-Driven One Sheet


Jose Rafael

“The new and improved achievement blueprint”
Accomplish your life and business goals with this proven and easy to follow blueprint.

Keysa Humber
“Change Happens”
Choose to change or remain the same!


Arlene Gale

“The Next Best Step”

New way of decision making & problem solving. Find power in short-term action. Free yourself of worry about someone else’s reaction. Take control over only what you need to. Find the power in trying something new in taking only the next best step.


Fox Beyer

“Turn over that new leaf…and embrace it!”

Create a new version of yourself…start with a new attitude!


Kay Smith

“How Problems Are Often Caused By Avoiding the Pull of Your Personal Energy.”

Learn how to identify your Personal Energy. Learn why avoiding it can cause you physical complaints, depression and stress. Learn the 5 essential ingredients to help you align with your Energy inspired dream.


Tonya Hofmann

“The New Way to Utilize Your Social Media for Sales”

Tonya will walk you through real world application of how to turn your “friends” into paying and adoring clients from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others!


Patricia O’Brien

“Alkalize for Life”

Struggling with your weight, infections or blood sugar swings? Learn how/why to Alkalize – for anti-aging, blood sugar control and reducing the toxic load on your body. This info is not new — but not likely something your doctor will tell you.


Drew Hunthausen

“Tomorrow is a new day!”

Will talk about my own story,including current stuff like my upcoming triathlon, and emphasizing the importance of being grateful for each new day, and not letting the past or present circumstances hold you back.


Jim Pagiamtzis

“How Listen, Write, review and present monthly topics effectively”
The ability to share are topic is simple the art and science is how you prepare to do it. The secret will be explained..


Deborah Chelette-Wilson

“The Three Pillars of Self-Care: A Woman’s Empowerment Practice”

Ways women can breakthrough overwhelm to create a life of love and balance


Lady Christy

“The ultimate confidence makeover”

The ultimate mindset makeover that builds confidence.


Linda Larson Schlitz

“Six Miraculous Stories of HOPE- Whats Your Story”

Tragedy strikes us all at some point in life but what we do with that is what will make us or break us. This is a brief look at 6 people who have overcome adversity to bring HOPE to a hurting and lonely world.


Recordings from…

Difference Aug 2016 Summit


Cheryl Ginnings

“It is Time to Understand Each Other”

Even though we understand more medically, our social skills are lacking.

We need to help kids understand how to be kind and not bully those who are different.

Understand that just because someone has limitations, we are more alike than different.


Carmen Buck

Nurse turned writer/photographer-how did that happen?

The story of inspiration and how this nurse heals with her camera and words.


Norma Hollis

“Be Authentic and Make a Difference!”

Make a difference by being authentic.

Authentic speakers share their message in ways that make a difference in the world.

Learn what it means to be an authentic speaker!


Jennifer Buchholz

“Go Away: Find Your SELF”

Ever feel like you just need to get away?

Maybe it’s time to take some time for yourself,

to do something different, be selfish – take care of you!

Find out how you can achieve personal discovery and transformation through travel.


Kimi Avary

“3 Keys to Creating Conscious Partnership”

80-90% of Relationship Problems stem from

misunderstandings about the innate nature of the opposite sex.

Please join me if you are struggling with communication, collaboration,

and navigating successful relationships personally and professionally.


Tonya Hofmann

“Change the World from the Front of the Room”

-Explain the exciting changes in the speaking world

-Show you how to utilize other people’s people to really create momentum for your message, product/service or business

Recordings from…

Fab How-to-a-thon July 2016


Elizabeth Bachman

“How to Get Booked as a Speaker – The Fabulous Friend Booking System (SM)”


Tonya Hofmann

“Creating & Finding Opportunities”


Dale Tyson

“How to improve your and/or your clients’s accountability by overcoming 10 challenges (excuses).”


Tonya Hofmann

“Be a Top Speaker”


LaWanna Parker

“Importance of Attending a Live Conference”


T. Allen Hanes

“How to publish your articles on 3 major publications “Today” to be seen as a thought leader.”


Barbara Ingrassia

“How to protect your original content “gold mine” from pirates. Your gold could be original blog posts, articles, videos, photos, music—even your website. Implement these free/inexpensive steps to discourage theft. My offer: Free 30 minute assessment.”

Recordings from…

Next Step July Virtual Summit


Cassandra Freeman

“Setting Strong Expectations”

A part of choosing to never give up is learning to set strong expectations. I will be equipping you with the ingredients to help you create strong expectations. Download your free speech notes the day before to get bonus info at


Jackie Lapin

“Finding More Speaking Opportunities Painlessly!!!

Tired of the headaches involved in tracking down speaking opportunities?…Some solutions that are easy, cost effective and time saving!


Drew Hunthausen

“Moving Forward with No Excuses”

The only way to move through life is forward! approaching life’s journey with a positive attitude, an abundance of gratitude and no excuses will help to ensure success wherever the next step takes you in life’s adventure.


Lynn Hawk

“Stand Out ! Speak More ! Keys to creating a dynamic VIDEO speakers reel”

Position yourself as a true professional, let potential clients see you in action with a dynamic speakers reel. Timing, messaging and the right clips to include are the keys to a compelling speakers reel THAT GETS YOU BOOKED over and over again.


James Carter

“put your dreams to the test”
making that your dreams our your and not anyone else’s and devise a strategy that your road map guides you to success.


Arlene Gale

“What’s Your Next Best Step? Don’t Get Overwhelmed by the Big Picture or Other People”

Get stuck making decisions? Can’t reply to requests due to worry about what “they” will think or say? It’s an issue that plagues many. I’ll discuss how to reframe thinking & provide tools, so you can take the next best step & be true to who you are, too.

Recordings from…

Transformative Summit: June 2016


Shahara Wright

“From Entrepreneur to CEO

Stop taking unnecessary risks in yourbusiness and start strategizing. Learnwhy implementing strategy into your
business is necessary for stabilization and growth.


Terryn Barill

“Catching the Vision”

Most people want to transform their lives, but fall short because they don’t have a clear vision…Get a road map to the life you love!


Lynn Hawks

“VIDEO STRATEGIES to Super Charge your Business”
Success using Video Marketing requires more than producing a nice, polished message. Your message is KEY but strategic placement, impeccable timing and client connection is the secret sauce of MASSIVE VIDEO MARKETING SUCCESS.


Dan Fowler

“The Art of Imagination Engineering”
How entrepreneurs can go from “Ethereal to Material” with their ideas and engineer them powerfully and profitably into the world.

Fox Beyer

Lady Christy Iwuchukwu

“Shift Your Mindset & Get Out of Your Own Way”

Limiting beliefs and lack of confidence often rob women of reaching their full potential in life. The internal monologue you have about yourself determines your result in life, the decisions you make and the results you achieve or don’t achieve.

Linda Larson Schlitz
“Shift Happens! Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”
Things change. It’s inevitable but HOW things change is up to us. Are you a paradigm pioneer? If not, it’s time you become one. This training will show you how.


Jim Pagiamtzis

“Creating a new version of you every year!”
You will evolve and grow as a speaker 3 strategies to do to capture the essence and use to empower others to become extra ordinary in their lives! -Record your talks -share and evaluate and learn -The are so things as mistakes only lessons to learn

Recordings from…

Spring into Summer: May Summit

Florence-BellFlorence Bell

“Five Keys to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Use CARE to infuse


SIMPLICITY into leading your next team, project or event.

drew-hunthausenDrew Hunthausen

“2:30 PM Pac time”
A Time of Renewal –
As the days grow longer and warmer,
and the leaves turn green and the flowers bloom,
spring is a great time for personal renewal.

Stacey Blanchet

“Brand Development”
Understanding how to launch a successful
Brand/product out in the market using tradition and new tools.
How to get the public invested in the success of your company.

Jim-PagiamtzisJim Pagiamtzis

“Stand out Now and Get Noticed!”
Will share three strategies on speaking and get noticed 1. Stand out. There so many place to speak, Pick 3 and do it 2. Be the You the entertrainer! 3. Be the rockstar wherever you go!

Becky Doyle

“How I Doubled My Annual Salary”
Success doesn’t just come to those who work and study hard.
If you’re missing this one key ingredient, you will stay stuck in a crummy job.
Find out what you need an how to get it in this presentation.

Deanne Gamba

“Systems for Success: Get More Done In Less Time to Live a Better Life”

Many entrepreneurs are frustrated because they have too much to do and too little time.

You will learn 3 secrets to easily get more done with less effort and

how to get clear and focused so you can stop wasting time while increasing your profits.

Cassandra-FreemanCassandra Freeman

“Knowing Your Purpose”
One of the questions I get most often is How do you know what your purpose is?
I am going to give you 6 essential keys you need to know to confirm your purpose.
You also receive a free Dream Strategy Sheet.

Joanna Novelo

“The Annual Summer Body Sale”
*Ready to get that summer body back…again?
How about we get off the hamster wheel?
*Learn how to navigate the Fitness Industry to build a healthy foundation for yourself. *Find out why you’re spending so much money, but not seeing results.

Tina-Headshot-Plus-LogoTina Dietz

“Explode Your Audience, Influence, & Income with Audio”

Podcasting & Audiobooks –

Is your voice reaching the millions of people who are listening?

Walk down any street and you’ll see people soaking in information through their phones. Get the inside scoop on the world of leveraging audio for your business.

Arlene-GaleArlene Gale

“Summer means more time with family! Yeah?”
Discussion and tools for working together better as a family during the summer months. Tools for sharing an increased workload at home with children. Tools for drama killing, no matter whose drama it is – parent or child.

t.allen-hanesT. Allen Hanes

“Build The Track, So Perspective Clients Can Hop on The Train”
Entrepreneurs get hung up on NEEDING customers. Do you have a way to attract potential clients/customers to you? Take the NEED out of it. Build your train track. The goal isn’t to get passengers (No one likes a needy train), The goal is to run the route

Cheryl-GinningsCheryl Ginnings

Fox-BeyerFox Beyer

“Think victory…and you’ll get it!”


Through a series of poems and “up” thoughts,

my full intention is to get all that listen to understand that

they are stronger and more resilient than they realize.

Recordings from…

April Virtual Summit 2016

Fox-BeyerFox Beyer

“Honest Perspective-What i draw from daily breath.”

tracyrepchuk1Tracy Repchuk

“How to Reach Millions with Your Message”

You have 3 seconds to make a first impression and if you don’t look as good online as you do off you’re losing money, customers, and time.

Learn how to structure your brand, websites and social media so you can reach millions with your message.

Tonya Hofmann

“Build Community… and Impact”

Want to find people who “get” you?

Of course… so Tonya will show you how she has created HUGE communities and how YOU can too.

Jim-PagiamtzisJim Pagiamtzis

“Summer of 95′”
The story of winning 3 trophies with 2 different teams in the summer of 1995.
– The decision that paved the way to persistence and determination – The true value of being part of winning team
– The appreciation of playing with talented players!

Cassandra-FreemanCassandra Freeman

“The Never Give Up Heart and Mind”

I’ve broken down the Never Give Up mindset into these core principles, that when followed will create in you a new determination, greater drive, and a no excuse approach towards achieving your goals.

Cheryl-GinningsCheryl Ginnings

There are many left out of our society and their needs are greater THAN most.
Care giving takes courage, hope and humor to deal with constant challenges.

Lisa-HarrisLisa Harris

“The Movement Revolution!”


Have you heard the headline: sitting is the new smoking!

We’ve become so efficient that we’ve engineered all the movement out of our lives, and our health is suffering! Learn simple strategies to support body and brain by increasing movement.

Katrina-SawaKatrina Sawa

“Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days or Less!”
Stop stressing about what to do & how to do it in your business so that you can pay your bills.
Instead learn an easy system to start, grow, run & market your business that allows you to attract more of your ideal clients consistently for more cash flow.

angie-leigh-monroeAngie Leigh Monroe

“The Trust Factor”

Short Description about your presentation
When your success brings people out of the woodwork,
how do you know who to trust, and to what level?
We will discuss: Having a solid set of boundaries, and processes in place for new people who want to HELP you with your dream!

Arlene-GaleArlene Gale

“How do need, want, and deserve impact living your dreams.”
We’re told, “Dream big!” But then what?
We aren’t taught what to do to make our dreams reality.
What good are dreams without goals?
Learn steps to determine how need, want and deserve hurt or help in turning your dreams into a way of life.

Recordings from…

Feb Relationship Summit 2016

feb-summit-16Our amazing Presentations for you to enjoy!

Alicia-WhiteAlicia White


Arlene-GaleArlene Gale


Carmen-Buck-w-cameraCarmen Buck


Catherine-WhiteCatherine White


Elizabeth-QuintanillaElizabeth Quintanilla


Kathi-LaughmanKathi Laughman


Kimi-AvaryKimi Avary


Lauren-WyattLauren Kay Wyatt


Linda-Larson-SchlitzLinda Larson Schlitz


Michelle-PeticolasMichelle Peticolas


Tonya-Hofmann-2Tonya Hofmann


Vanessa-BarnesVanessa Barnes


Susan-Lynn Susan Lynn


Fox-BeyerFox Beyer


drew-hunthausenDrew Hunthausen

Colleen-WeitmarschenColleen Wietmarschen