Past Summits #5


Sheila Unique

“Transforming with Self Awareness”
The world becomes so much brighter as you transform through self awareness. The light on the inside becomes so much brighter illuminating your future forward!

Ginger Reid

“UP Level Potential + Talents to STRENGTHS

Imagine the Possibilities when YOU DISCOVER Hidden Potential in YOU & OTHERS that YOU weren’t aware existed. What becomes available when YOU & OTHERS REALIZE the Hidden Potential that’s ready to emerge? How might YOU ACTUALIZE future success, career advancement, abundance and power teams when you apply your STRENGTHS? Results are inevitable when you UNITE Your Potential, Talents and STRENGTHS. Tune in if YOU are ready to ACTUALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL or if YOU are ready to set others on a course to ACTUALIZE THEIR POTENTIAL.

Rex Sikes
“Create Your Best Life Ever With Rex Sikes”

Cassandra Freeman

“3 Dream Funding Setbacks”
Lack of funds is not what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams. Overcome these setbacks and start funding your dreams today!

Raven Blair Glover
“3 Simple Steps To Building Your Business With Kick-Ass Interviews and
The #1 Mistake You’re Probably Making Now!”
In this short and impactful presentation you’ll discover
. Why doing interviews is a super-fast and easy way to build your business quickly.
. That one thing you MUST have before you can even think about going for your dream interview.
. Why ANY top influential interviewee should say YES to being a guest on your show.
. Proven 4- step formula that will help you finally land your dream interview
“Plus” you’ will walk away knowing the #1 MISTAKE that you’re probably making RIGHT NOW, and… how to avoid it!

Cheryl Ginnings

“Have recent Past Events changed the Outlook of Your Future?”

Life challenges have a way of changing your future without notice. Have any of these happened recently? Moved, the birth of a baby with health challenges, death of a parent, changes in your health or that of your spouse. Plans have to be changed, but that is not always bad. Let’s talk about it.

Tonya Hofmann

“Own Your Fabulousness”

Show off your brilliance and talents, your expertise, your knowledge and train people throughout the USA and WAY Beyond! Tonya takes you into a weird world that markets you throughout a huge data base of people waiting to to learn from you. Don’t miss this unusual way to market your business and YOU!

Gloria Chandler
“Transforming Your Future”
Transforming is to change, therefore, to come into your future you must change your mind-set, your mouth or speech to get you there. It’s like a metamorphosis!
Death & Life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruits of it. Prov. 18:21

Fox Beyer
“Transform your future by accessing the power of your mind”
Through stories of people around the world, you’ll come to learn that a better you begins with a single thought.

Inez Bracy
“How to breakthrough your fear of traveling”
Three simple tips to break through your fear of traveling experience a sense of freedom in new surroundings.

Tracy Revell
“Guts and Grace: The Secret To A Life That Rocks!”
“GUTS AND GRACE: The Secret to a Life That Rocks”
When women embrace their feminine centered creativity and emotional intelligence then balance it with masculine focus and action, they excel everywhere in their lives. It creates a confident, powerful presence from the inside out, crucial for every woman to gain the respect she deserves! Empowering women in this way improves their communication skills, attracts their ideal clients, makes them superior leaders and exponentializes their ability to focus, enabling them to deliver superior performance. In this presentation, Tracy’s audience learns to connect deeply to themselves and operate from this authentic place of power as well as how to use it to create desired ourcomes everywhere in their life and business!

Rex Sikes
“Balance: What is It? Do You Need It?”
Is balance necessary? If so, when? There may be times it is or is not useful? How to create balance? Why you might want balance? Create balance in life, business and all things and experience greater harmony and joy!

Gary McKinsey

“How to Use The Power of Intention to Get Unstuck Live Your Dreams”
Intention alone will not lead you to realize your dreams.
In this program, you will leave with an understanding of the three facets of intention. These three facets are ones you must follow to in order to convert your dreams into reality.

 Carmen Buck
“Can’t Seem to Balance it All? Let Your Spirit Be Your Guide!”
Do you have the latest gadgets, the fastest cars, best organizational apps, plenty of caffeine on board and still don’t have time left over for yourself or your family? Tune in to learn the ONE important piece missing from your plan.

Katrina Sawa
“5 Secrets to Living a Big Life!”
In this presentation, Katrina will walk you through many of the secrets she’s discovered in truly creating your happiest life ever doing what you love. If you find yourself with some self doubts, unsupportive people around you, dreams without action plans or you’re struggling to make enough money in your business and getting burned out quick then you want to figure out where you could be settling and “stop it”. Come to this call and learn the 5 Steps to incorporate in your monthly, weekly, daily practices so that you can finally design the life of your dreams!

Sheila Unique
“Balance Expressed Through Body Mind Spirit”
A Unique Approach to experiencing balance in your personal and professional life! Learn what it is to live life balanced on all levels!

Terry Wildemann
“Do You Really Want to Keep Chasing The Work/Life Balance Myth?”
Do you know of anyone who has actually achieved work/life balance? Think about it! And being retired does not count! After suffering multiple burnouts, experienced business woman, Terry Wildemann, became a holistic practitioner focusing on stress resilience to heal herself. Today, she integrates and shares her knowledge in her speaking and executive coaching of logical, practical and analytical executives and seasoned entrepreneurs who are highly stressed and know that something is missing. Learn how a new paradigm of work, life and balance can fill your leadership and performance gap and make a big difference in your business and life.

Rakhi Ahuja
“The power of meditation & visualization!”
The daily practice of visualizing your dreams as already complete can rapidly accelerate your achievement of those dreams, goals and ambitions.

Fox Beyer

“The balance of being yourself”

Deborah Chelette-Wilson

“Life Work Balance Begins With Self-Care”
Self-care is no longer a nice idea. Self-care is imperative if we are to continue giving other-care. My presentation will focus on the foundation all women need: The Three Pillars of Self-Care.

Jon Block
“Master Your Personal Story from Stage”
Your personal story is the MOST important part of your presentation to the audiences. It’s how establish credibility and authentic relationship, and THAT is why audiences buy from you. During this presentation from award-winning speaker trainer Jon Block, learn the precise structure for delivering a captivating personal story as well as the qualities needed to make it deeply relatable and irresistible to audiences. You’ll connect and create more clients than ever!

Alicia White
“Find the Reset Button for Your Soul”
When a life of deadlines and devices causes chaos, Alicia inspires audiences to find a place that brings joy and peace. She will share dramatic wildlife encounters as examples of life lessons learned to help you find the reset button for your soul.

Chris Salem

“Being Mindful to Have More Balance in Your Business”
This discussion will describe what being mindful is and how it enables one to have more balance and time to build their business but also have a life they desire. In addition, I will provide insight how to become more mindful toward making improvements to have balance between business and personal life.

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