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Inez Bracy
“How To Travel With Confidence”
Are you letting fear stop you from traveling? Learn three these three tips to give you the confidence to face your fear and travel anyway.

Rakhi Ahuja
“Believe in yourself!!!”

Elliot Kay

“Super Charge Your Speaking Strategy”

All the way from London, Elliot will be sharing his strategy system you can use to create a successful and profitable speaking career. The most fundamental part of any business is the ‘heartbeat’ – the purpose, WHY you exist. This drives your actions and having your heartbeat aligned with your strategy is what will ensure you achieve success. Together you will create your speaking business ‘heartbeat’. Elliot will be sharing his personal experience of losing everything and how he used this strategy tool to build three 6 figure businesses, find happiness, freedom and a healthy work/life balance.

Fox Beyer

“Positive self talk”
You have a right to your feelings. Negative thoughts are common- just don’t live in them.

Frances Pitt
“The Greatness I am Seeking Is Also Seeking Me”
I have always believed and felt that something great is is deeply rooted in me. I have the power to create a life that is wonderful, prosperous and healthy. If it is to be, it is up to
me. I am always attracting like minds, like spirits, persons with integrity, and we all know from life experiences that you must receive in life exactly what you are sending out in the Universe.

Mary Ottman

“Just Say No to Leading with “Because I Said So” : How Nurturing Your Millennials has the Power to Unleash Incredible Productivity in Your Organization”
Whether you raised them, you work with them or you employ them, you have probably heard a lot of whining and gnashing of teeth about this new generation of Millennials. Millennials range between approximately 17 and 37. They are confident, smart, tech savvy, and they have expectations that are typically difficult and time consuming to meet in today’s business world. They are full of ideas and they want to play a big part in their organizations from the very start of their careers. Instead of relying on the next wave of technology upgrades to get explosive growth in your business, what if your next big game changer is creating an environment that unleashes the creative, productive force inherent in your Millennials? In this presentation, you will hear strategies and tips for leading your organization to create a climate that supports creativity and productivity and also minimizes the turnover of millennials in your workforce. (And pssst! They just so happen to be great strategies to empower your entire workforce!)

Tonya Hofmann
“Speak Nationally and Internationally…
Change the World from the Front of the Room!”
Tonya will walk you step by step how to…
Build a Fabulous Community,
Show Your Brilliance,
Get Booked and Speak in front of 10s of thousands or small group of 10!!! LOL
And Especially be seen as a Leader… People don’t follow followers… only leaders!

Rosie Bank
“Health is Everyone’s Business”
Your business is depending on you. If you conk out with too much stress and exhaustion, and too little reliable energy, your clients, your bottom line, and the sustainability of your business will suffer. Rosie Bank, author and Founder of Health Matters Coaching will walk you through three essential keys to get your body to support you in work and at home. Is there a better time to make your health a priority?

Sheila Unique

“Frustrated and Fatigued to Empowered and Energized!”

Feeling drained? Finding it harder to make decisions, solve problems and beat the stress? Turn that around using The Unique Approach way to be PRO-Active leaving you to feel empowered and energized. Gain clarity, focus and have forward action. Walk away with transferable skills you can use immediately both personally and professionally.

Gloria Chandler
I remember this older movie called, “Forrest Gump”, with Tom Hanks & Sally Fields. Their one famous line was “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you will get”. Life, a lot like that statement, you never know what you will be dealt, but it’s always up to you to choose the right one whether bitter or sweet, and what you will discover that makes life journeys so remarkable.

Drew Hunthausen
“Making Fabulous New Beginnings”
We all experience endings and new beginnings in Life. The key is making the most of every new beginning to become the person that God created us to be.

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Mark Alyn

“Why radio rocks the senior community!”

Radio programs are big with seniors. Learn the secrets of why radio is still a major media outlet and you should share your health secrets on radio. Studies indicate that radio can even beat Television in gaining audience.

Mary Kaemer
‘The Secret of Manifesting’
Change your ENERGY to Change your LIFE!!!
By listening in on today’s call you will have a better understanding of the following quantum dynamics:
What is energy?
How does energy affect our health, wealth, struggles, and transformations?
What is an energy blockage?
How can we ‘change our energy’ to ‘change our life’?

Rex Sikes

“How To Create Your Best Life Ever”

Learn how to direct your mind and live happily and successfully. Easy and enjoyable, bite sized ways to make massive amounts of positive change.

Pat Duckworth

“Tame Your Hormone Havoc”
Midlife is a time of hormonal change that can lead to significant physical, mental and emotional changes for women and men…but particularly women! It can leave you feeling tired, unmotivated and less confident. Learn practical tips and techniques from midlife expert, Pat Duckworth, to get back in control of your wellbeing and your mojo.

Christopher Salem

“Mindfulness for Optimal Wellness in Business & Life”

Learn how the art of being mindful with boost your emotional state, lower inflammation in the body, and then result with doubling your business and living a prosperous life

Gloria Chandler

“Health, Wealth, & Happiness”
We are aware of all the health issues & sickness of today that is running much too high in many bodies, old & young alike, and it is a true concern for many. I would like to expound on coping with this issue and how it relates to wealth & happiness.

Cassandra Freeman

“Positive Thinking Is Mmm Mmm Good For Your Health”
Positive thinking can be a lifesaver! Find out how to keep your heath afloat and thriving!

Elizabeth Bachman

“The Outer game of speaking”
To be done in conjunction with Tina Greenbaum
Mastering a Signature Speech that SELLS

Tonya Hofmann
“Filter to a Perfect Client”
The hardest area for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, direct sales to accomplish quickly is filtering out those who won’t be interested, get to the exact area that the interested buyer wants to hear and focusing on what is important to your potential new client. Tonya will walk you through EXACTLY how easy it is if you focus on the proper way to lead generate and filter! “I’m opening up my secret sauce to each of you!”

MarBeth Dunn

“3 Easy Ways to Harness the Power of Miracles”

Let’s move beyond the boundaries of time and space, to the realm of Spirit, where miracles are the norm, inspiring our lives, while rippling out to influence people we may never meet. You will learn easy ways to shift into ‘miracle consciousness’ so you can create the life and business of your dreams, one miracle at a time.

Howard Berg
“Learn how to create products and books in a single day to explode your speaking profits”
Having great product is one of the best ways to make a good income as a speaker. Learn the secrets for creating unlimited products.

Deborah Chelette-Wilson
“Route Re-Calculation”
A consistent voice on my GPS reminds me that in life we often need to recalculate our way from where we are to where we want to go. It is much easier when you have the roadmap of your values and purpose to keep you focused.

Pat Duckworth
“Align Your Brain for Maximum Power”
Our brains function in a hierarchy of levels. In this presentation I will be talking about what the neurological levels are and how to align them to increase your effectiveness in your work and professional life.

Rakhi Ahuja
“Inner and Outer Game”

Emily Letran


I will share my personal story and the strategies I use to grow my business and retain clients for 20+ years

Fox Beyer
“The check up from the neck up”

Cassandra Freeman

“Your Money and Your Dreams”
Having trouble financing your dreams? Let me share some resources and inspiration to help you along the way.

Inez Bracy
“Reimagine Your Life by Re-Minding Your Mind”
Do you find yourself longing to know, “Who would I be if I only knew how” because deep inside you feel that something is missing in your life? You’d love to discover the ‘missing’ piece so that you could complete your puzzle and feel better?
Re-Imagine your life! Learn techniques to empower you, so you can re-emerge and remind the mind of who you truly are. My intent today is to shatter the myths and beliefs that keep you stuck in your same pattern. Then I will help you to forge new beliefs that support you in designing and creating the life you desire. You will gain insights that reinforce your beliefs and go full-out for living the life you’ve dreamed of.

Chris Salem

“Master Your Inner Critic”
How to have sustainable success at the next level
by resolving the root cause to mindset barriers.

Bonny Valentine
“What are you created for?”
Many of us believe that we are just here to take up space or just to exit, which is not true; others believe and know they have a purpose, but for many reasons they are not able to reach and get it. This talk today will give you insight into the world of discovering your purpose and gifting and pursue them.


Drew Hunthausen
“The Triathlon of Life”
Attitude, No Excuses, Gratitude, Exercise, Love yourself and forgiveness.
Your Angel at work.

Richard Larcher
“Change a Million lives starting by changing yours”
We will have the power to change lives, if first we achieve to change our own life. Be patient, that might take a while.

Harrison Klein

“Changing a Million Lives!”

The dynamics of big picture visioning!

Carmen Buck
“A Story- The Trickle that Becomes a River”
Our stories can impact others in ways we can’t even imagine and truly change a million lives. Stories can be told and shared in a variety of ways in both our personal and business lives. Let’s talk about stories!

Dr. Teresa Bryant

“Launch an explosive business with no money”
This presentation will teach you key strategies to starting up
a new business with very little or no money.
Learn about free websites, free graphics, network marketing and other tools that are available to you without cost. Catapult your business to new heights without coming out of pocket or using your own funds. New entrepreneurs, learn how to launch you company without credit or capital. Don’t let finances stop your success. Launch an explosive business this year!

Tonya Hofmann
“Branding YOU”
When you focus on YOUR personality, you are able to draw naturally those who want to be a part of your community and eliminate any who don’t fit YOU! So that way you can change the world through the people who naturally “get” you. So much easier!

Gloria Chandler
“Change a Million Lives”
To change a life would be bigger than a miracle, because change is something humans do not want to do, especially when they are set in their ways from childhood to adulthood, and think they are right about everything. In accordance with the subject, Change a Million Lives, I will be sharing & providing several descriptive ways to change ones life, and I will share some spiritual truths that will give insight as to why we should change in order to maintain a healthy & better life style in the way we live today.

Tonya Hofmann
“The Weirdest Way to Change Lives”
Explore other marketing platforms that you probably NEVER even considered before! Especially if you are looking to go national or even international… how will people know how you can help them? Tonya will explore this exciting view point that makes a huge impact on your business and other’s lives!

Fox Beyer
“You- that’s enough”
Start first by changing one life- give that person your own inherently unique perspective.

Barney Kramer
“Marketing 4 Most of Us Today”
The business world has changed in significant ways as a result of the internet. It has opened up the entire world for small businesses to sell their products and services in it may be tougher than ever for many of these same businesses because of its complexity. Theoretically you can reach anyone anywhere anytime the largest and most properous companies are dominating the market. Today’s discussion may open up other paths for small businesses to embrace, one of which is through Speaking. to sell our products and services. We will look at this facet of business and see what opportunities there may be that many haven’t even considered.

Nora Benyahya
“Shine as the Expert You Are”
In over 8 years of coaching executives and entrepreneurs I’ve found that most of the clients i’ve worked with have a hard time identifying or acknowledging their unique value proposition and sharing their gifts with the world. I will talk about owning your power and discovering the expert within, expert positioning, how to shine as the expert you are and profiting by doing what you love.

Laura Rubinstein
“Create Great Engagement on Social Media”
Everyone is on social media these days but most business owners are mystified as to how to get engagement on their social content. Laura Rubinstein will reveal the keys to getting more engagement, the common mistakes people make that costs them visibility on social media and ways to save time and get more out of your online marketing efforts.

Tonya Hofmann
“Branding: The You Factor”
Stop trying to be anyone by YOU… Create real momentum in your business and life!

Jane Deuber
“Six Months To Six Figures – How transform your expertise into an online course that clients crave and creates recurring revenue for years to come.”
In this mind-expanding training with Jane Deuber, you will discover why NOW is the time to create a recurring revenue stream by jumping on the eLearning bandwagon and creating an online program clients crave. During this training, Jane will share what you need to know to accelerate your path to cash by designing, launching and delivering a course that clients love and that provides leveraged income for years to come.

Norma Hollis
“Gain Next Level Business Success”
Want to get to the next level with your speaking business? The route to growth lies in your marketing. This is the #1 challenge I had to overcome. Learn the strategies that you can use to accelerate your growth as a speaker.

Ann Bennett
“Rebel Branding for Transformational Times”
Experience the power of liberating your Rebel Spirit and build a business that expresses who you really are. Ann will teach you exactly how you can express your authentic self, creating a brand that captures you at your core so you can STAND OUT and build a purpose-driven business. In order to do your Big Work, you have to distinguish yourself from all the marketing noise of one billion websites. It’s not enough to be great or even different. You have to be YOU!

Kay Smith
“How to Stand In Your Personal Power with Confidence”
Learn how to become powerfully persuasive and confident in front of prospects and/or peers. Discover how to effectively gain a competitive edge by increasing your credibility and influence.  Uncover the secrets to how clothing alters the way you approach and interact with the world around you and how small changes can dramatically improve how others perceive you.  What you will take away from this talk:
*Easily increase your confidence, credibility and influence
*Implement the #1 Secret to becoming more persuasive
*Never accidentally sabotage your best intentions
*Feel great and impact the world around you everyday — because you are worth it!

Toni Harris
“Automate Your Marketing: Planning Ahead to Convert and Keep”
Do you send the same information over and over? Do you ever forget to follow up with new subscribers, customer anniversaries and birthdays? How do you share your great case studies, success stories and customer testimonials? Or introduce customers to your diverse product or service offerings? And do you wish you had a way to reward new subscribers & inspire them to take action right NOW, when their interest is HOT?
Autoresponder campaigns do what YOU wish you had the time to do! Us them to follow up, inform, entertain, & provide incentives for action & engagement – they work automatically while you focus on your business.

Joshua Dodo
“Find and Live your Dream”
There are universal laws and principles that can catapult your success in all areas of your life. If you want to find out more, I will reveal these laws during this presentation and show you how you can can access them, no matter your current circumstances.

Rakhi Ahuja
Knowing Your Customer!!!

Fox Beyer
“Your business is your business! Don’t discount your story!”
Simply telling the honest truth of your story can empower others to be themselves!

Barney Kramer
“Accelerating your career and success with this one Skill”
Most leaders agree that this single skill is probably the most powerful one you can acquire. Leaders and businesses that excel at this skill can be more than 40% more profitable than those without this skill. And it’s one that everyone can learn without years of schooling.

Tonya Hofmann
“The Unique You… Branding that works”
Websites, social media, graphics, speaking… it all works better and you create a more YOU community if you brand yourself the unique YOU way!

Gary McKinsey
Projecting Your Executive Presence
You will learn traits you can develop to increase your visibility, your influence, and your income.

Drew Hunthausen
“Business success”
A successful business takes dedication and commitment. Moving Forward and believing that the best is yet to come!

Jim Pagiamtzis
“You have an unique start power!”
Will share insights on the 3 strategies to create your own personal star power brand
1st: Your expertise. Ask, Listen and try and repeat
2nd: Your Share and learn
3rd: Let the Chess match begin!

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