Past Events #6

Listen to the amazing speakers on this March Summit!

Eileen Head
“3 Reason You Sabotage Your Relationships”
Does your partner push your buttons Having the same old arguments Feel powerless to change Fear your differences are going to push you apart Having difficulty finding a compatible partner Stress and conflict from a bossy boss, crazy co-worker, or family member ​ Here’s Why. It might be personality differences

Rosemarie Barnes
“What do they want?”
Multi-generational businesses are struggling to understand why the traditional hierarchical structures are no longer as effective as they once were. Leaders are perplexed at the hugely different work expectations of Generation Y and Z and are finding their best talent simply walking away. What is it they want? How can business satisfy all the needs of the diverse working population?

Laura Rubinstein
“Revolutionary Approach To Marketing Your Big Ideas”
When you have a great idea, a really awesome way to impact people’s lives, what do you do to make that happen? Have you desired to offer your ideas, knowledge and/or training to the people who are secretly desiring it right now? Then tune in, Laura Rubinstein will share with you: + The single most key to the perfect pitch for your product/service/idea + How to serve your ideas to many in your market + How to ensure that it gets done well +Simple steps to master monetizing your great ideas.

Fox Beyer
“Be at your best- even when you don’t feel that way”

Alicia White
“Back of the Room Tools For Speakers”
One of the fastest ways to grow your business is through speaking. But do you know what tools and strategies will have people wanting more of you after your talk? Alicia uncovers easy to implement ideas that will help you to generate leads and give your message legs long after you leave the stage. She will cover these three speaker must-haves: * Expert Status Branding Materials * The Easiest Lead Generation Tool * A Value Driven Free Product

Tony Wilkins
Join best selling author Tony Wilkins as he shares his 10 best tips for booking more speaking engagements and closing more deals in 2018

Drew Hunthausen
“March Madness”
March Madness they say? Lets stay sane in March this year


Candy Barone

“Fall in Love with the Power of Your Imagination”
Imagine the possibilities available to you simply by learning how to change your “what ifs” into powerful and purposeful “imagine ifs.” It all starts with tapping into your inner child, loving the journey you’ve been on, and unlocking the magic within your own imagination. By changing your thoughts, the words you use, and you focus, you can unlock greater abundance, happiness, and love.

Cassandra Freeman
“Fall in Love with your Success Journey”
Achievement, success, discouragement, setbacks…they are all a part of your journey towards success. Find out how you can fall in love with your journey no matter what happens along the way.

Charmaine Hammond
“Planning a Profitable Speaking Tour… the easy way”
Thinking of taking your message on a tour? A speaking tour? Join Charmaine Hammond CSP as she shares the key steps to a profitable speaking tour, 3 calls you must make to ensure a successful tour.

Elizabeth Bachman
“LOVE Filling Your Speaking Calendar in 2018!”

Terry Wildemann
“Fall In Love With Who You Are!”
Many of us glide through life as imposters of who we really are! We have difficulty being, trusting and believing in ourselves because we are so busy pleasing our parents, teachers, spouses, kids, bosses, and others instead of pleasing ourselves. When we follow our hearts and step into who WE truly are meant to be in this life time the Imposter Syndrome starts to heal and fade. In this presentation Terry shares her own struggles with the imposter syndrome and the steps she shares with others to one oneself as the catalyst to livings authentically and with heart centered focus.

Tonya Hofmann
“Fall In Love with… Internet Marketing”
The vastness of the internet is at your fingers… so why aren’t you jumping into this with all 5 feet! LOL… let’s learn how productive, lucrative and fun the internet can be for your business.

Jisele Tuuri
“Living Your Best Life by Being Your Own Best Friend”
It is important to take the time to nurture yourself through proper nutrition, a fun fitness program and extreme self care practices in order to live your best life!

Drew Hunthausen
“Staying True To Yourself”
We have been in 2018 for 1 month now. How have your resolutions and goals been going? Are you staying true to yourself or have you slipped off the path already? Lets work together to keep you on track!

Gary McKinsey

“How to Turn Your Problems Into Opportunities”
Discover how to apply Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to your problems. You will discover positive actions you can take to shrink your problems and explode your opportunities.

Debbie Hoffman
“How to Convert more Prospects into Clients without being Salesy”

Our speaker, Debbie Hoffman, Founder of Power-Up! Your Follow-Up, will share her proven follow-up success system to generate consistent  sales results… you will learn:

  • How to overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that stop you from following up
  • Hot tips on how to prepare for every follow-up contact, so you feel confident, at ease, and professional
  • How to organize a step-by-step plan so nothing falls through the cracks (plus, how to make efficient use of your time)
  • How to develop deeper relationships that lead to more conversions
  • How to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects who are already excited about what you offer

Terry Wildemann
“Problem Solving Made Easy With The Discovery Process”
Finding solutions to problems can be easy and fun when you take a few moments to connect the practical and logical brain with heart centered information. Terry will walk you through a simple exercise using mind mapping and a quick meditation that will surprise!

Charmaine Hammond

“Sponsorship for Speakers… the untapped revenue source that most speakers don’t know about”
Speakers… are you building collaboration and sponsorship into your speaking business model? Imagine turning a no fee engagement into a full fee engagement. Having your own event costs covered through partners and sponsors. Ever thought about doing a speaking tour? This too could be funded through collaboration and sponsorship. All of this is possible …. join Charmaine Hammond, CSP as she shares 3 things you can do right away to build sponsorship into your speaking business model.

Gloria Chandler

“Goodbye Problems, it’s 2018!”
2017 was a crazy year, but GOD has blessed us to move into a brand new year full of promises, prosperity, purpose, power, and new beginnings. It’s time for a Metamorphosis!

Tracy Repchuk

“3 Steps to Plan for Success and Make 2018 Great”
Discover how to; 1. Set and Get Goals 2. Balance Your Life to Stay Happy and Excited 3. Leverage so that I make more money and work less time

Toni Harris Taylor

“Show me the Money! 10 Drastic Steps to a Bulging Bank Account”
As a business owner, whether you are seasoned or start-up, you pour your heart into and work hard at your business, yet, you still do not make the money you dream of. Toni discusses her 10 steps to a bulging bank account and how to apply it easily to immediately start building a six-figure business.

Fox Beyer
“10 Ways To Change Your Mindset”