New Ideas Summit March 7th

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Eileen Head
12:30pm EST/ 11:30am CST/ 9:30 PST
“3 Reason You Sabotage Your Relationships”
Does your partner push your buttons Having the same old arguments Feel powerless to change Fear your differences are going to push you apart Having difficulty finding a compatible partner Stress and conflict from a bossy boss, crazy co-worker, or family member ​ Here’s Why. It might be personality differences

Rosemarie Barnes
1pm EST/ 12 CST/ 10am PST
“What do they want?”
Multi-generational businesses are struggling to understand why the traditional hierarchical structures are no longer as effective as they once were. Leaders are perplexed at the hugely different work expectations of Generation Y and Z and are finding their best talent simply walking away. What is it they want? How can business satisfy all the needs of the diverse working population?

Laura Rubinstein
1:30pm EST/ 12:30 CST/ 10:30 PST
“Revolutionary Approach To Marketing Your Big Ideas”
When you have a great idea, a really awesome way to impact people’s lives, what do you do to make that happen? Have you desired to offer your ideas, knowledge and/or training to the people who are secretly desiring it right now? Then tune in, Laura Rubinstein will share with you: + The single most key to the perfect pitch for your product/service/idea + How to serve your ideas to many in your market + How to ensure that it gets done well +Simple steps to master monetizing your great ideas.

Alicia White
2:30pm EST/ 1:30 CST/ 11:30am PST
“Back of the Room Tools For Speakers”
One of the fastest ways to grow your business is through speaking. But do you know what tools and strategies will have people wanting more of you after your talk? Alicia uncovers easy to implement ideas that will help you to generate leads and give your message legs long after you leave the stage. She will cover these three speaker must-haves: * Expert Status Branding Materials * The Easiest Lead Generation Tool * A Value Driven Free Product

Tony Wilkins
3pm EST/ 2 CST/ 12 PST
Join best selling author Tony Wilkins as he shares his 10 best tips for booking more speaking engagements and closing more deals in 2018

Drew Hunthausen
3:30pm EST/ 2:30 CST/ 12:30 PST
“March Madness”
March Madness they say? Lets stay sane in March this year

Fox Beyer
4pm EST/ 3 CST/ 1 PST
“Be at your best- even when you don’t feel that way”
Storytelling- with some poetry.

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