Inner & Outer Game Summit: May 24th

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10:30am CST

Tina Greenbaum

“Mastery Under Pressure: How to Achieve an Unstoppable Mindset”

Public Speaking is an art and a craft. There are many things to learn to become an expert speaker. But it all starts with the “Inner Game.”

How much time and effort have you spent learning

how to manage your emotions before and during your speech?

Join Tina Greenbaum, LCSW, Optimal Performance Specialist, and #1 Best Selling Author, as she takes you through 3 important skills to help you deliver a “kick ass.” presentation.

11:00am CST

Elizabeth Bachman

“The Outer game of speaking”
To be done in conjunction with Tina Greenbaum
Mastering a Signature Speech that SELLS

11:30am CST
Tonya Hofmann
“Filter to a Perfect Client”
The hardest area for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, direct sales to accomplish quickly is filtering out those who won’t be interested, get to the exact area that the interested buyer wants to hear and focusing on what is important to your potential new client.  Tonya will walk you through EXACTLY how easy it is if you focus on the proper way to lead generate and filter!  “I’m opening up my secret sauce to each of you!”


12:00pm CST

MarBeth Dunn

“3 Easy Ways to Harness the Power of Miracles” 

Let’s move beyond the boundaries of time and space, to the realm of Spirit, where miracles are the norm, inspiring our lives, while rippling out to influence people we may never meet. You will learn easy ways to shift into ‘miracle consciousness’ so you can create the life and business of your dreams, one miracle at a time.

1:00pm CST
Howard Berg
“Learn how to create products and books in a single day to explode your speaking profits”
Having great product is one of the best ways to make a good income as a speaker. Learn the secrets for creating unlimited products.

1:30pm CST
Deborah Chelette-Wilson
“Route Re-Calculation”
A consistent voice on my GPS reminds me that in life we often need to recalculate our way from where we are to where we want to go. It is much easier when you have the roadmap of your values and purpose to keep you focused.

2:00pm CST
Pat Duckworth
“Align Your Brain for Maximum Power”
Our brains function in a hierarchy of levels. In this presentation I will be talking about what the neurological levels are and how to align them to increase your effectiveness in your work and professional life.

 2:30pm CST
Rakhi Ahuja
“Inner and Outer Game”
How inner game can change the outer game of life!!

Emily Letran



I will share my personal story and the strategies I use to grow my business and retain clients for 20+ years

3:30pm CST
Fox Beyer
“The check up from the neck up”
We are more powerful than we realize.

4:00pm CST

Cassandra Freeman
“Your Money and Your Dreams”
Having trouble financing your dreams? Let me share some resources and inspiration to help you along the way.

4:30pm CST
Michelle Peticolas
“Becoming Unstoppable: 3 Keys to Overcoming Overwhelm”
Emotional wounds and limiting beliefs may have more to do with overwhelm, stress and self-doubt than organizational skills and time management. Learns 3 secrets of the inner game to accelerate your outer game results.

5:00pm CST
Inez Bracy
“Reimagine Your Life by Re-Minding Your Mind”
Do you find yourself longing to know, “Who would I be if I only knew how” because deep inside you feel that something is missing in your life? You’d love to discover the ‘missing’ piece so that you could complete your puzzle and feel better?
Re-Imagine your life! Learn techniques to empower you, so you can re-emerge and remind the mind of who you truly are. My intent today is to shatter the myths and beliefs that keep you stuck in your same pattern. Then I will help you to forge new beliefs that support you in designing and creating the life you desire. You will gain insights that reinforce your beliefs and go full-out for living the life you’ve dreamed of.

6:00pm CST

Chris Salem
“Master Your Inner Critic”
How to have sustainable success at the next level
by resolving the root cause to mindset barriers.

6:30pm CST
Bonny Valentine
“What are you created for?”
Many of us believe that we are just here to take up space or just to exit, which is not true; others believe and know they have a purpose, but for many reasons they are not able to reach and get it. This talk today will give you insight into the world of discovering your purpose and gifting and pursue them.

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