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Odette Peek

11am EST/ 10 CST/ 8 PST

“Building lasting relationships with Compelling Conversations”
In today’s world, our communication is shrinking, despite the speed, ease and multiple ways we can communicate with one another. This gives us more ‘reach’ globally but it is affecting the depth of our relationships. So how do we build lasting and meaningful relationships when our conversations are reduced to acronyms, smiley faces and one word sentences? Join the summit and find out how !

Fox Beyer
12pm EST/ 11am CST/ 9 PST
“Open Door Policy”
Open lines of communication.

Rosemarie Barnes
4pm EST/ 3 CST/ 1 PST
“Sharing the Spotlight”
Have you ever felt that although you are talking, your audience is not listening? Are they disinterested? Are they distracted? Are they uncomfortable? Or perhaps they are tired of hearing all about you. The essence of communication is speaking and listening and that can only happen if the spotlight is shared.

Drew Hunthausen
4:30pm EST/ 3:30 CST/ 1:30 PST
Presentation Info: TBA soon

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