Change a Million Lives Summit: April 26th

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10:30am CST
Richard Larcher
“Change a Million lives starting by changing yours”
We will have the power to change lives, if first we achieve to change our own life. Be patient, that might take a while.

11:00am CST

Harrison Klein

“Changing a Million Lives!”

The dynamics of big picture visioning!

11:30am CST
Carmen Buck
“A Story- The Trickle that Becomes a River”
Our stories can impact others in ways we can’t even imagine and truly change a million lives. Stories can be told and shared in a variety of ways in both our personal and business lives. Let’s talk about stories!

12:00am CST

Dr. Teresa Bryant

“Launch an explosive business with no money”
This presentation will teach you key strategies to starting up
a new business with very little or no money.
Learn about free websites, free graphics, network marketing and other tools that are available to you without cost. Catapult your business to new heights without coming out of pocket or using your own funds. New entrepreneurs, learn how to launch you company without credit or capital. Don’t let finances stop your success. Launch an explosive business this year!

12:30pm CST
Tonya Hofmann
“Branding YOU”
When you focus on YOUR personality, you are able to draw naturally those who want to be a part of your community and eliminate any who don’t fit YOU!  So that way you can change the world through the people who naturally “get” you.  So much easier!

1:00pm CST
Gloria Chandler
“Change a Million Lives”
To change a life would be bigger than a miracle, because change is something humans do not want to do, especially when they are set in their ways from childhood to adulthood, and think they are right about everything. In accordance with the subject, Change a Million Lives, I will be sharing & providing several descriptive ways to change ones life, and I will share some spiritual truths that will give insight as to why we should change in order to maintain a healthy & better life style in the way we live today.

1:30pm CST
Tonya Hofmann
“The Weirdest Way to Change Lives”
Explore other marketing platforms that you probably NEVER even considered before!  Especially if you are looking to go national or even international… how will people know how you can help them?  Tonya will explore this exciting view point that makes a huge impact on your business and other’s lives!

2:00pm CST
Rakhi Ahuja
“Lead your life!!”
How focus, confidence & faith can create beautiful life!!!

2:30pm CST
Tonya Hofmann
“Want MORE for Yourself to Change Lives for others”
Most think becoming wealthy is selfish… NOPE! You have to make LOTS of money so that you can support your growth, support others in their lives and create real movement by supporting amazing non-profits out there.  Tonya will explain what it takes to change your mindset around becoming wealthy!

3:00pm CST
Wael Badawy
“Why your message does not have impact”
In this presentation, I will share the top 5 barrier to a message that engage and impact audience and followers

3:30pm CST
Fox Beyer
“You- that’s enough”
Start first by changing one life- give that person your own inherently unique perspective.

4:00pm CST
Barney Kramer
“Marketing 4 Most of Us Today”
The business world has changed in significant ways as a result of the internet. It has opened up the entire world for small businesses to sell their products and services in it may be tougher than ever for many of these same businesses because of its complexity. Theoretically you can reach anyone anywhere anytime the largest and most properous companies are dominating the market. Today’s discussion may open up other paths for small businesses to embrace, one of which is through Speaking. to sell our products and services. We will look at this facet of business and see what opportunities there may be that many haven’t even considered.

5:30pm CST
Drew Hunthausen
“The Triathlon of Life”
Attitude, No Excuses, Gratitude, Exercise, Love yourself and forgiveness.
Your Angel at work.

6:00pm CST
Linda Larson Schlitz
“HOPE= Help Opportunity Praise Encouragement”
Whether it’s the loss of a job, a loved one, a dream or your health, we all need HOPE and we all have an opportunity to give it to others. Learn the 4 steps to lasting HOPE!

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