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Elizabeth Bachman

12:00pm EST/ 11am CST/ 9 PST

“How to Get More (or Better) Paid Speaking Gigs”
-Frustrated with speaking for peanuts – or free – to audiences who can’t afford your services? -Are you speaking now, but not enough to fill your pipeline? Join Elizabeth Bachman to learn how to get booked to: Speak at conferences. Present to the corporate market. Lead corporate training sessions.

Rosemarie Barnes

1:00pm EST/ 12 CST/ 10am PST

“The Value of Curiosity”
Casually curious. Intensely intrigued. Devoted to discovery. There are many levels of learning, and all of them have value. Curiosity, not necessity, may well be the Mother of Invention and the best indicator of potential success.

Deborah Chelette-Wilson
1:30pm EST/ 12:30 CST/ 10:30am PST
“Boredom Is A Step Toward Creation”

Laura Cole
2:00pm EST/ 1 CST/ 11am PST
“Living a Vision Driven Life”
The path to fulfillment is paved with intention; if we design our lives from the inside out rather than allowing outside circumstances to dictate our future, we are living a vision-driven life. This workshop will teach you skills for identifying your dream and implementing strategies to set you on your path. You can co-create a life you love; this is the first step in getting there.

Fox Beyer
4:00pm EST/ 3 CST/ 1 PST
“Always moving forward”
Move forward. Do for others. No one will ever forget you.

Drew Hunthausen
4:30pm EST/ 3:30 CST/ 1:30 PST

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