Blooming Summit: May 16th

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Amber Griffiths 

1pm EST/ 12 CST/ 10am PST

“Create your RockStar Brand!”
Increase profits and attract more great clients by developing your own RockStar Brand. Your Brand should be clear and cohesive so it will convert potential customers into Ideal Clients.Claim your Voice, Connect with your Fans and Compose your Brand Soundtrack™! Key takeaways will include: – Create clarity about who you are, what you offer, and who you serve. – Clearly identify your Ideal Client – discover who they are, where they are, and how to inspire and engage them with your message – Create the one-stop resource for everything about your business – your Brand Soundtrack™. Keep it clear and cohesive!

Sheila Unique

2pm EST/ 1 CST/ 11am PST

“Your Garden Continually Blooms!”
What do you do with the things you don’t want to grow in your garden? Learn the Unique Approach to keeping your blossoms fragrant and full of life.

Fox Beyer
4pm EST/ 3CST/ 1PST
“Filling Your Mind With Calm Assurance”
Stories and Poetry

Anne Redelfs
5pm EST/ 4CST/ 2PST
“The Many Faces of Trauma in Kids”
Traumatized children act out their pain. We often label these kids as having behavior problems, biochemical defects, or manifestations of mental illness. As a result, their suffering is neither heard for what it is, nor appropriately responded to. In my summit talks, I will be teaching how to recognize those whose minds and hearts have been traumatized and how to treat these injured humans in a way that furthers the human development of us all.

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