Rock Your Boat Summit- March 7th

“Let’s Rock Your Boat” Summit- Feb 7th

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Rosemarie Barnes

11:30am EST/ 10:30 CST/ 9:30 MST/ 8:30 PST

“Confident Reinvention”

Leadership is about impact, influence, and inspiration. At no time more than during periods of reinvention, growth, and transformation are we more reliant on our leaders for guidance. What can leaders do to provide that guidance, comfort and confidence during our current era of massive disruption and work attitude upheaval?

Margo Lovett

12pm EST/ 11am CST/ 10 MST/ 9 PST

“Hey – Yay – My boat is rocking !”

Being out of your comfort zone in a rocking boat will make you holler “hey” but if you stay on the boat & get your sea legs, when the rainbow comes out, you are going to holler “yay.”


Barney Kramer

12:30pm EST/ 11:30 CST/ 10:30 MST/ 9:30 PST

“Great Communicators are Great Listeners”

Your message doesn’t matter if can’t communicate it to the people who need to hear it!

Start with the result and work backword to see how it works.

Dennis Riley

1pm EST/ 12 CST/ 11am MST/ 10 PST

“Own Your Circumstances”

Stop going along for the ride…Pick up an OAR and OWN IT!

Elizabeth Bachman

1:30pm EST/ 12:30 CST/ 11:30am MST/ 10:30 PST

“Get Booked, Get Paid!”

Too many speakers run from networking meeting to speaking gig, speaking to the WRONG audience. People who aren’t qualified to work with them, aren’t interested in what they have to offer and aren’t ever going to invest. How do you get to the audiences who can pay??? Listen to Elizabeth Bachman discuss the new Get Booked, Get Paid program and how YOU can get paid speaking gigs.

Natalie Forest

2pm EST/ 1 CST/ 12 MST/ 11am PST

“Paddle against the norm to success”

Rock your boat, paddle against the norm, in other words throw out what does not serve you and bring in what does serve you.

Let’s explore ways to revolutionize your life that allow you to be fully authentic and successful at the same time. In today’s world too many people are copying with what others do thinking it will bring them success, not realizing that part of success is happiness and authenticity.

I will give you ways to hold on to the paddles and move your boat further towards your success.

Fox Beyer

3:30pm EST/ 2:30 CST/ 1:30 MST/ 12:30 PST

“Preparing For It To Go Wrong”

The craft of making adjustments- and the power of acting, rather than acting out.

Drew Hunthausen

6pm EST/ 5 CST/ 4 MST/ 3 PST

“March Madness”

Gloria Chandle

6:30pm EST/ 5:30 CST/ 4:30 MST/ 3:30 PST

“Thinking Beyond Your Creativity to Promise, Power, & Prosperity”

To think beyond ourselves is to understand:

GOD knows the plans he has for us, not of evil, but of good, and he knows our expected end.”

Jere 29:11.

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