Past Summits #11

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Enjoy all our amazing speakers in 8 minute quick presentations:

Fox Beyer 

“Challenge Mindset”

The value of analyzing failures.

Rex Sikes

“Hidden within is your power

Find your resources within you

Elizabeth Bachman   

“Don’t settle for “Good Enough” Make your Speech GREAT!”

Are you getting the results you want from your speaking? Do you have a standard speech that’s getting stale? Join Elizabeth Bachman to learn how too take a script form Good to Great.


Sarah Ross 

“Can a sock change your life – Learn to see the amazing in every opportunity!”

What if the lessons you needed to learn the most were not in a book or on a course? You never know where you may learn that life lesson that changes everything.

Chad Bowman 

“Home Loans for Veterans”

What can we all do to help military veterans in our community become homeowners through the VA home loan benefits they earned from their honorable service?

Carmen Davailus   

“Take the Leap and Show Up on Social Media”

3 Easy Challenges to leap into the Social Media World and make a BIG splash just by being yourself.

Natalie Forest  


Challenge Yourself — to LIVE YOUR LIFE, YOUR Way. Challenge Yourself to reconnect with yourself and understand your potential. Challenge Yourself to embrace your purpose and step into it so You can Be all you can Be. I will share some ideas on how to move from where you are right now to where you wish to be — expeditiously! Are you ready for the Challenge?

Sean Romero 

“Offensive Goal Setting”

Gary McKinsey

“Power Words That Connect and Sell”

I this program Power Words That Connect and Sell. You will pick up proven Power words you can use to increase your sales.

Barbara Ingrassia 

Guard YOUR Goldmine

You have ideas, presentations, posts on blogs and social media, video and audio recordings. And at the heart of your business is your WEBSITE. THESE are Your GOLDMINE. How are you protecting these valuable assets? Join me to explore some easy-to-implement measures to GUARD YOUR GOLDMINE now!

Tracy Repchuk   

“The Fortune is in the Followup”

It takes 7-12 touch points to make a sale, and only 2% follow up more than twice, that means you are leaving 98% of your money on the table. And even worse you spend all this time and money on customer acquisition to get that person to buy, then barely contact them after. I’m going to step you through a 3 part system that connects, nurtures and converts them on autopilot – so prospects become buyers and your customers become raving fans that refer you.

Scott Schilling 

” One Definition – Two Words – Your Choice “

FEAR can stop you dead in your tracks…FEAR can make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do…FEAR can make you run…from the bad AND the good. FEAR has no place in your life! Let go!

Kimberley Chapman 

“Transforming to The BEST version of ME!”

Learning that I was programmed from the time I was in the womb of beliefs and coming into this world with more beliefs that hindered me from being true authentic self. And then having unpleasant experiences that emotional affected me also hindered me from being me. How I awakened to self realization and started to transform myself to be the best version of myself and live my best life now.

Tonya Hofmann

“Ooooo… I was so scared, Now… Ooooo baby!”

Learn how Tonya got through her fears and continues to grow and expand beyond her fears. You can too! Yippeeeeeee!

Alicia White 

“Overcoming Fear with One Thought”

Yes. We al get afraid and it stops us in our tracks. but there is one thought that can propel you past your fears. join Alicia as she shares how to overcome your fear with one thought.

Jennifer Jost

“Fall in Love with MONEY”

Shifting from FEAR to LOVE of your money

Elizabeth Bachman 

“Conquer the Fear of PUblic Speaking”

Do you find yourself nervous at the idea of speaking in public?

Do your gremlins stop you from being visible? Join Elizabeth Bachman for this talk on getting past Stage Fright and Stepping Into Your Power.

Carmen Davailus 

“Stop Hiding and Running from Your Social Media Fear”

Do you tremble at the site of a webcam? Does the ‘Go Live’ button make your palms sweat? I get it! 3 Easy Ways to Overcome Your Fears About Showing UP on Social Media

Tonya Hofmann

“Never be afraid of sales!”

Yep… Tonya will walk you through getting out of the fears of sales and more!

Gary McKinsey 

“Don’t Let Procrastination Hold You Back from Success”

You will pick up three proven action you can take to break free of procrastination and achieve success.

Christopher Salem 

“How to Become a Trusted Advisor in Your Business”

We wil look at that you are more than what you do and offer to others. It is your values and principles that when aligned in some way with values and principles of your core audience that your influence factor increases to draw them to you. We will address the process to becoming a trsuted advisor and why a Value Statement will make all the difference with scaling your business.

Terry Wildemann 

“Leap Through Fear to Courage”

Fear can hold us back subconsciously and consciously causing us to “Forget that Everything is All Right!” When we tune into our hearts, and focus on the possibilities instead of only what could go wrong, the courage comes to help us L.E.A.P. forward towards our goals and desires.

Drew Hunthausen 

Elements of Success

Success proven path!

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