Start a Local PSA Event

   Looking for Speakers in Your Area for

a Local PSA Event

We are looking for speakers to join a local event put on by the Public Speakers Association to showcase your message so that you can “Change the World from the Front of the Room!”tm

1st… looking for a fabulous person who wants to really stand out as the Key Note and step up to be the Executive Director of this event.  Interested?  Are you an active official member yet, if not… simply go get signed up at

Reminder:  Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 28th is the last day to take advantage of the 2016 pricing to join the Public Speakers Association PLUS… HUGE BONUS!  Receive a FREE ticket to the Public Speakers Conference in Las Vegas, July 1-3rd by simply putting “FreeConf17” in the coupon code when you join.

Already a member, then let’s chat about running the event.

Don’t know how to put on a successful event?  No problem, I’m going to give you thousands of dollars’ worth of training for free for putting on the event.  We aren’t talking a HUGE event… just a local event, so super easy and beneficial for you and so many others.

Want to just be a speaker at the event… then jump in on the membership today!

While you are a member… take advantage of all the amazing opportunities to get your message out to my entire social media realm… 50,000+ people!  How?  As a member of PSA, you get to be in the following opportunities:

Monthly teleconferences where you will speak over the phone for 25 minutes.  Next one is “Fabulous Business Summit” (different theme each month) on March, 22nd!

Be interviewed on both the Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show and the new video series… “World’s Most Fabulous People”!  We can schedule those interviews ASAP or in the future.  Especially if there is something you are about to launch, promote, etc… we can schedule it to go live on that date.

For more information about the benefits of joining PSA…


We are so excited that you are interested in starting a PSA Event and being a part of our ever growing team!  We created it as a Win-Win Scenerio to give you more exposure, more leverage, more marketing and always more money!


Any questions… ASK!!!  Tonya Hofmann 512-456-7163 or