Start a Group

   Information for Starting a PSA Mastermind Chapter Meeting!

Yippee… there are so many reasons to start up a PSA chapter in your area!  From helping you stand out in the speaking world as a leader, to helping others succeed by building your relationship based collaboration.  We’d love to hear from you.

The groups last for about 1 hour… 30 minutes of people getting there and networking before hand.

30 Min: Arrive/ Network

30 Min: Training… which is given by PSA home office the end of the month before live or you can listen to the recording.  Then you go over the training with the members and guests.

15 Min: Spotlight Speaker… one of the members receives an opportunity to stand up and try out a tip, new message, story, or whatever they want to go over in a real presentation for 10 minutes and then get immediate feedback to improve.

15 Min: Masterminding… What new speaking locations, connections, opportunities to tell the group about especially there locally.  What problems are the members having that they need a safe environment to ask and get feedback.

Then meet with any of the guests to get them excited about joining the group.

12 people total per chapter (guests are always welcome but may need to join a different chapter if that one is full)

Why small?  You can have a better connection factor when everyone really works with each other, builds solid real relationships to make the experience mutually beneficial.  It just works better!


We are so excited that you are interested in starting a PSA Chapter and being a part of our ever growing team!  We created it as a Win-Win Scenerio to give you more exposure, more leverage, more marketing and always more money!


Any questions… ASK!!!  Tonya Hofmann 512-456-7163 or