Q: What makes Public Speakers Association (PSA) different than Toastmasters?

A: Toastmasters helps people improve their presentation skills and confidence building. Even though PSA does this too, Toastmasters has a rule against using taking any money for speaking. PSA is about not only the most up to date information on the career of speaking… how to get booked for a speaking engagement and how to make money at speaking. We also practice not only at actual in person speaking, but since the world has gone digital… a lot of our practicing is done in different forms: EX: Webinars, Teleconferences, Blogging, etc.


Q: What makes Public Speakers Association (PSA) different than NSA?

A: NSA is a great organization that has been around for a long time. And like Toastmasters, the information on the speaking world hasn’t kept up with the fast paced world of the speaking industry. PSA is devoted to keeping its members up on the latest information to getting booked, marketing and branding, technology changes, lead generation, sales and community growth along with how to truly change lives at the same time.


Q: What kind of speaking opportunities are emailed to the Public Speakers Association (PSA) Members and how many?

A: PSA finds out about a whole variety of speaking opportunities. The majority are association type conferences and company conventions. There are also community networking groups, chambers, Lots of TedX events, virtual summits and conferences, Women’s events, radio and TV show interviews and more. It gives the members of the Public Speakers Association an opportunity to see what is actually being booked and to learn how to adjust their topics to fit the opportunities.


Q: Where are most of the speaking opportunities?

A: The ones that PSA emails out are mostly in the USA; however, we find plenty in Canada, Europe, Asia and beyond! Plus, don’t forget that so much of the speaking is going virtual so a lot of opportunities are from the convenience of your computer or cell phone!


Q: Can you make money as a speaker?

A: Depending on what you mean by making money… Yes is the bottom line. It is a small business endeavor and just like any small business, you have to build it over time. So much of it is about getting people to know who you are and to have heard your message. That is why Public Speakers Association (PSA) offers so many ways to get your message out there for people to enjoy. Everything we offer is about getting people to contact you, follow you on social media, opt-in to your newsletter so that you can develop a great following. It is important to think of your speaking career as a business and if you do so, then the sky is the limit!


Q: Do you get to travel a lot as a speaker?

A: If travel is a goal, then YES… so many have decided that they would rather stay closer to home which works too especially since so much is done from your computer now. If you do love to travel, then you can apply for a lot more in person events that will take you to new adventures and fabulous new people.


Q: How do I start to build my speaking career?

A: Glad you asked! Super simple… you just start. Here at PSA, we only have two rules. 1- You must be Nice. 2- No perfect people. So enjoy connecting and asking for feedback and don’t worry about being “perfect”. There is no such thing. It is all about doing and getting better as you do. You don’t know what people will want until you try it out. You won’t find the “perfect” title without trying out different ones. You won’t find the best layout of your presentation or the item or service that will have the audience running to the back until you give it a shot.

PSA does have lots of ways to help. From our educational module audio recordings waiting for you, to the “Speaker’s Adventure” which is a step by step, daily, get it all done program where you listen to a short audio that explains what you should work on that day. So get going and start changing lives today!


Q: Can PSA help me build my email and social media lists?

A: Absolutely! EVERYTHING we do has a lead generation component involved. It is all about getting people over to your community so that you can continue to change their life and make more sales happen which of course changes more lives.


Q: Are you a speaker’s bureau?

A: No, we are an association that does way more than getting together to network. We are incredibly proactive to help you get your name known and your message heard. We however, don’t book you. You book yourself. You apply to each opportunity (speaking opportunities that are emailed out are all warehoused in the speaking opportunities page) yourself to the ones you feel are a great fit for you. You also didn’t miss out! Because we post all the opportunities on Member’s Page drop down, when you join you can simply go check out the ones that are still open for submission. Good luck!


Q: Do I have to join for a year?

A: Just like with any marketing and advertisement, it takes time for people to see your name, hear your story, and experience your information to react. So to do anything like this for one month doesn’t even make sense. This is a long term play and we only want people who are ready to jump in for a real effort. Also, we give all the education and marketing up front so we also don’t want people to come use all of the thousands of dollars’ worth of educational modules and then drop out.


Q: What is the real difference between the two levels of membership?

A: The General Speaker level is designed to give someone just starting out the experience, practice and education to start their speaking career.

The Featured Speaker level is created to give the member a maximum amount of exposure possible. It is all about movement and it has the largest amount of marketing and advertisement is at this level. It is especially the right level if you are already a speaker and just need more exposure. This is our most popular level because of the great benefits offered.


Q: Can I upgrade later?

A: Yes, any time… Just simply pay the difference and we’ll start your membership from the new date of the upgrade.


Q: Can I ask questions?

A: We encourage you not to go at this alone! We want to hear from you. We want to be your support. Our CEO: Tonya Hofmann loves picking up the phone and chatting or answering your email as soon as possible. Question about PSA membership and how to utilize the benefits more to a question about the speaking world. We truly are devoted to help you but of course, we aren’t mind readers so if you have a question… ASK!


Q: What if I need more one on one training?

A: We suggest you look into our sister company: Career Speaker Academy.  There are virtual (over the computer) classes and also in person classes across the US and Canada.  It is a Certification class so that you can become a Certified Career Speaker and get all the important things accomplished, step by step to make sure you are have everything completed so there is only Yeses and never something that could keep you from being successful.  To find out more go to http://careerspeakeracademy.com