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Create the business you want?

Attract the perfect clients?

Become the speaker you want to be?

Really make a difference in so many people’s lives?

Have a Fun & Exciting Income Stream?

Exciting Changes in the Speaking World:

1. Wow, what an exciting time to become a speaker!  Now than ever before, there are so many platforms to speak on… Conferences, Events, Seminars, Webinars, TeleConferences, Radio, TV, Internet, Corporate Trainings and so many, many more and guess what… they are looking for new faces, new insights, diversity in all realms because they are tired of the old information so this is the perfect time to jump into the speaking world!


2. The employee way of speaking is almost dead… the new life in speaking is the entrepreneurial approach. 

a. Paid Speaking Gigs still happen but they aren’t nearly as popular any more with both those booking the speakers and speakers themselves.

2    b. “Free” or what is known as “Investment” speaking has really become the favorite with both.  The model is about driving people into your world to really make a long lasting impact on them, their business or whatever your speaking topic is.  You pay for all of your expenses but then have the opportunity to sale at the event either in the way of selling from stage and/or at a table in the back or vendor area.  This is more of a business marketing approach.  No there is no limit on how much you can make at an event… or even after the event!  The Speak to Sale model is exciting because there is no way that you can change the entire audiences life forever in 30 minutes to an hour presentation… they MUST go further with you to dive into everything they need to know to make a lasting impact.


Event planners also want more training… they still expect every presentation to motivate and inspire but they want their audience to walk away with something they can implement immediately!


The Public Speakers Association can help

you get there !!

Here’s what we can offer you …

Save Time: Let’s say you want to attract 20 potential new clients. Using the traditional approach, you might connect with 4 people each day and it would take an entire week to reach 20 prospects.


As a Public Speaker, you can connect with 20 people in just 1 hour!!


Grow your Income: If one out of every 10 people you meet, or connect with, sign up with you … and each sale is worth $1500 per year … then imagine the financial impact of a 20 person audience.

You could reasonably expect to sign up 2 new clients when you speak with a 20 person audience and those 2 new clients would generate $3,000 per year (2 @ $1,500/year). If you were to speak just once a week for 48 weeks, with an average audience size of 20 then your earnings could be $144,000 and you would have 4 weeks off!


Earn Expert Status: Stand Out from your competition by sharing your expertise on your subject … Stand up to Stand Out!


Change the World: The reason our slogan is “Change the World from the Front of the Room!” is because we believe you can. Share your incredible insight, beliefs, attitude and stories that will impact your entire audience and everyone they tell.


Lead Generation: Build your email list, your social media connections and your database to grow fabulous potential new clients. Every presentation you give leads to a new group of ‘followers’!


Connect: Numerous studies have shown that you are as successful as the people you spend time with. Now through the PSA, you will meet incredible national and international speakers who are were in your shoes just a few years ago. Get to know them and learn how they transformed themselves and their business to create huge profits and success!


Be Informed:  We don’t give tips, we give ‘real world’ information. We offer it all to you in a clear and direct manner. All you have to do is absorb it and make it happen.  


With the Public Speakers Association you get …


Immediate Speaking Opportunities: Yes that is right… from the “Change Your World” Virtual Summit put on by PSA 6 times a year to information on conferences, events, radio shows, virtual events and really anything that gives you an opportunity to speak… PSA offers them to you!


Marketing:Let us be part of your marketing plan.  Determine your focus, who you are, what others need to know about how you can help them!


Education:Receive the latest information from the top national and international experts that will change the way you think about business, making money, developing a brand, marketing through speaking, creating new products and services … and so much more!


Networking: Seize the opportunities to build referrals to support and grow your business through meeting and connections to the PSA’s people … there’s nothing better than meeting other people’s people!


Practice: In a caring environment with effective critiques, you will transform your presentations to have incredible value and impact for the audience. You will learn to design them to be both enjoyable and entertaining and most importantly excite the audience to want to do further business with you!


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dylan-raymondI am so excited that I participated as a speaker on the February change your world virtual summit. It yielded some new leads for me which resulted in me being invited to speak on another virtual teleconference, also sold a book and gained a new client. The client is also helping me put together an event in June 2015. Thank you Tonya for the virtual summit platform and a opportunity to change the world.
Dylan E Raymond-The Transition Expert