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As a speaker in today’s speaking world, it can be challenging! 

With less and less paid speaking gigs, it is about getting your name known and

your message heard so PSA is devoted to doing just that!

Especially if you feel you have hit a wall… You have been out there speaking at Toastmasters, NSA (National Speakers Association/ Platform Association) or other groups that aren’t committed to helping you find speaking opportunities, learn from very successful speakers who are willing to actually help or you just need more!

Exciting Changes in the Speaking World:

1. Wow, what an exciting time to become a speaker!  Now than ever before, there are so many platforms to speak on… Conferences, Events, Seminars, Webinars, TeleConferences, Radio, TV, Internet, Corporate Trainings and so many, many more and guess what… PSA wants to put YOU in front of these opportunities.  We find out about all kinds of speaking engagements and send it out to the data base for you to apply and be selected.  We are NOT a Speakers Bureau…  we just send you the information and let you decide if it sounds like a perfect venue to be a part of for you and your business.


2. The employee way of speaking is almost dead… the new life in speaking is the entrepreneurial approach. 

a. Paid Speaking Gigs still happen but they aren’t nearly as popular any more with both those booking the speakers and speakers themselves.

2    b. “Free” or what is known as “Investment” speaking has really become the favorite with both.  The model is about driving people into your world to really make a long lasting impact on them, their business or whatever your speaking topic is.  You pay for all of your expenses but then have the opportunity to sale at the event either in the way of selling from stage and/or at a table in the back or vendor area.  This is more of a business marketing approach.  No there is no limit on how much you can make at an event… or even after the event!  The Speak to Sale model is exciting because there is no way that you can change the entire audiences life forever in 30 minutes to an hour presentation… they MUST go further with you to dive into everything they need to know to make a lasting impact.


Event planners also want more training… they still expect every presentation to motivate and inspire but they want their audience to walk away with something they can implement immediately!


As speakers who know their craft, it is a perfect time to also train those who want to become speakers and PSA is always looking for fantastic trainers to show the members and guests new techniques and insights into the speaking world.  Interested in Speaking to the Groups?  We are across the US and in Canada and we do Skype in some of the trainings too!  YES… you can use it as lead gen or sell after your training!


PSA was created to give you maximum amount of exposure possible.  So we offer 6 speaking opportunities a year right from the start with our Live Virtual Summits… “Change Your World” Summit!  We have you come on a live for 25 minute straight presentation and then record it, post it for incredible lead gen as long as you are a member!


Tonya Hofmann… the CEO & Founder, has a TV show that she would love to host you on!


We also have an interview you can give for our blog and a resource guide that is handed out by PSA Directors, Partnering Directors, Regional Directors and even Tonya Hofmann, herself at events we speak at so that you get exposure again to those booking speakers.


If you have something you would like to train the members on, you can also give 2 audio or video recording trainings a year for sales or lead gen opportunity.


So YES…  An organization that goes out of its way to make things happen for you!



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candy-barone“My membership and involvement with the Public Speakers Association (PSA) has had a significant impact in both creating greater visibility for me as a speaker and in growing my overall platform. Not only have I received numerous opportunities to speak for a variety of groups at different venues, in addition to the talks I have given at various PSA chapter meetings, I also have converted a fair amount of business, and gained a good following, as a result. In fact, some of my best clients have resulted from the ability to build my platform through PSA and have the plethora of opportunities I continue to be blessed with to share my message. I cannot thank Tonya Hofmann and the entire PSA organization enough for providing a way to help speakers truly grow into their own authenticity, build their platforms, generate profit for their businesses, and change the world from the front of the room as they do. I love that I continue to grow as a speaker, and as a director, I get the opportunity to help others grow, as well.”

Candy Barone: CEO & Founder of You Empowered Strong (Y.E.S.), LLC