Maui Retreat

  • Create Momentum in Your Speaking
  • Be Seen as the Go to Expert in Your Field
  • Be Invited to Speak on Other Speaker’s Stages
  • Learn from Each Other And Find New Clients for Your Business
  • And soooooo much moooorrrrrre!

The #1 way to stand out from other speakers is to put on your OWN event!

Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association has been putting her own events, attending hundreds of other and is opening up her vault of information on how to create, run, and utilize a live, in person event to make a HUGE difference in your speaking career, business and connections.

Learn: Step by Step…

How to Make $50,000 to over $100,000

We see all the time someone fabulous putting on an event and being upside down on attendees, speakers, and especially income! Never again will you NOT make money on putting on an event.

Create: Step by Step…

Which One: 1, 2, 3 Day Event

How to structure the event so that you create new VIP clients for YOURSELF while supporting the other speakers, vendors, sponsors, and attendees. Don’t miss out on time needed or wasted just because you didn’t structure it correctly.

Invite: Step by Step…

Attendees, Vendors, Sponsors, Partners,

Oh My!

Don’t leave money, influence or opportunity on the table… understand how to add value to all. Fearful of no one showing up? Let’s make sure you never have that experience. Understand the ACTUAL way to get the RIGHT people in the seats… HINT: it isn’t through the speakers!

Marketing: Step by Step…

Influence, Exposure & So Much More!

Using the event to book yourself solid for other people’s events, brand yourself and stand out as the go to leader, find new clients BEFORE you get to your event and create the biggest BUZZ you have ever heard about yourself!

Ouch: AVOID the Biggest Mistakes

Small things add up and people decide before they get to your event what kind of coach, business person, expert you are by the way you conduct your event. We’ll go over EVERYTHING so you show up as the PRO You ARE!

Learn the Before, During and After Procedures to create a smooth running event.

Templates, Forms, Agreements

Get them ALL!

Don’t start from scratch… get all the information, layouts in simple to use templates to tweak to your next event. What are they? Attendee Form and Agreement, AV Agreement, Vendors and Sponsors Agreements, Paper forms to sign people up, Speaker Agreement and so much more!

Limited space… ONLY 25 Seats!

We’re limiting the event to 25 Mastermind Participants to give each attendee specific help to connect with enough other and give time for diving into real needs.

Mastermind with the BEST! Nothing like going to Maui with Like Minded Experts who are there to Connect to YOU!

4 Nights Luxury Accommodations

Stay Included at

the The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua!

Special price worked out for you to stay longer too!

Included in Your Package Deal…

Choose either to Sit Back and Relax as we go on a Fabulous Trek around Maui

Or Pick an Amazing Spa Package

Meeting Time is also Incredible Opportunity to have Lunch with each other and a Lunch like No Other!

Both Lunches and Drinks included in the package!

Extra Hotel Stay Day Bonus… If You Jump in Before Dec 15th, 2019!

We’ll give you an extra room stay for FREE… Invest in Your Business Now…

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