Passion to Purpose Chapter

What are you passionate about? What is it that makes your eyes twinkle and your face light up? Share your passion with others who identify with your connection to the things you treasure in life. In our group meetings of Passion to Purpose, we embrace that which excites us most! Your passion may very well be directing you to your life purpose. The gifts we have within ourselves are present to make our lives easier, to help us get where we want to be without all the fuss and frustration. The deep motivation and love for what you value is often the path to a way of life where you are immersed in what you do best.

Follow what drives you from Passion to Purpose in this Passion to Purpose PSA Chapter!

3rd Tuesday of each Month (Launching June 19th)
7:30pm EST/ 6:30 CST/ 5:30 MST/ 4:30 PST

Jason Antalek: Executive Director of Passion to Purpose PSA Chapter
BIO: Jason’s passion is re-connecting people with their Divine potential while helping them to remove damaging cycles in their lives. As an Akashic Records reader, he has helped hundreds to look within and recognize their true purpose.

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