Join a Group!

1st Step: Pick a Topic YOU want to secure in the group

(Meaning that you will be the only one in the group allowed to represent that topic)

Topics to choose from: (Let us know if your topic does not fit any of the following)

  1. Accountability/Goal Setting/Time Management/ Strategic Planning
  2. Addictions/ Crisis Management/Domestic Violence
  3. Advertising/Marketing/PR
  4. Aging/Boomers/Generation Issues/ Retirement
  5. Attitude/Empowerment/Law of Attraction
  6. Bereavement/Grief
  7. Body Language/Stage Presence/ Presentation Skills
  8. Branding/Business or Personal Branding
  9. Broadcasting/TV&Radio Shows Development/Media
  10. Business Growth/Success
  11. Career Development/Resumes
  12. Change/Transition/Growth
  13. Civil Rights/Human Rights
  14. Coaching/Coaching Development/Consulting/Mentoring
  15. Communication/Comedy
  16. Competition/Coopertition
  17. Computer/IT/IS/Cyber Security
  18. Conflict Resolution/EI/Difficult People
  19. Conservation/Green Energy/Environment
  20. Content Marketing/Copyright/Trademark
  21. Corporate Culture/Responsiblity
  22. Creativity/Art
  23. Cryptocurrency/Digital Currency/E-Currency
  24. Customer Loyalty/Service
  25. Digital Marketing/Graphics
  26. Diversity/Inclusion/Race
  27. Economy
  28. Employees/Workforce/HR
  29. Motivational/Inspirational
  30. Entrepreneur-ism/Small Business
  31. Ethics/Integrity
  32. Etiquette/Image/Self-Esteem/Confidence
  33. Events/Corporate/Wedding/Meeting/Tradeshows
  34. Family Relationship/Children/Marriage/Parenting
  35. Finance/Tax/Wealth Building
  36. Fitness/Health/Food/Nutrition/Wellness
  37. Gamification
  38. Gender Issues/Minority Issues
  39. Global Business/Economics/International Affairs
  40. Government/Politics
  41. Healthcare/Medicine/Medical/Hospitals/Doctors
  42. Information Overload/Stress/Life Balance
  43. Internet Marketing/SEO
  44. Law/ Business or Family
  45. Leadership/Management/Team Work
  46. Emcee
  47. Memory Improvement/Mental Health/Strength
  48. Military/Veterans/Patriotic
  49. Negotiation/Persuasion/Influencing
  50. Network Marketing/Direct Sales/MLM
  51. Networking/1on1 Appointments
  52. Nonprofit/Grant Writing/ Philanthropy
  53. Organizational Development/Skills
  54. JV/Partnering/Strategic Advantages/Business Retionship
  55. Passion/Passionate/Vision/Purpose
  56. Peak Performance/Improvement
  57. Personal Development
  58. Pets/Animals/Veterinarians
  59. Problem Solving/Risk Management/Project Management
  60. Productivity/Profitablity
  61. Psychology
  62. Purchasing/E-Commerce/Retail
  63. Real Estate/Commercial Leasing/Land/Investments
  64. Religion/Spiritualilty
  65. Safety/Security/Identity Theft
  66. Sales/Lead Generation/Conversion
  67. Social Media/Data Base Growth
  68. Sports/Athletics
  69. Technology
  70. Travel/Tourism
  71. Virtual Assistance/Virtual Workforce
  72. Writing/Publishing/Author/

2nd Step… Join the next Group Meeting!

A Different Executive Director Leader will be running the group each month to give you exposure to amazing connections… Not a Member yet, Try out the group for Free and then Join PSA and let’s have fun!

3rd Step… What happens in the group?

Lots of fun connecting to some of the most influential speakers/business owners in the world.

Welcome to the Group at the top of the hour.

Everyone gets to introduce themselves… Invited guests first, members next.

All members (guest can also participate) share speaking opportunities, media connections, new client or potential new client referrals or any other opportunity they believe the group would benefit from.  Referrals to particular members are given throughout the month!

Any problems that someone needs help with, question for some advice, etc are then shared with the group.

Ends with Thanks Yous and any Announcements… especially on any upcoming help for promotion for each other.