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 Here is a list of Chapters Meeting this month:




– Toronto

– Calgary

– S. Calgary (Quarterly)




– LA (Launching in 2017)

– Mountain View


– SouthEast Region (Statesboro Area)


-West Michigan (Portage)

North Carolina

-Charlotte (2017 Relaunching)


– Cincinnati


– Clear Lake (S. Houston)

– Fort Worth (Launching 2017)

– Greater Houston

– North Austin


– Milwaukee (Launching 2017)


Here is what the groups look like:

30 Min: Arrive/ Network

30 Min: Training… which is given by PSA home office the end of the month before live or you can listen to the recording.  Then you go over the training with the members and guests.

15 Min: Spotlight Speaker… one of the members receives an opportunity to stand up and try out a tip, new message, story, or whatever they want to go over in a real presentation for 10 minutes and then get immediate feedback to improve.

15 Min: Masterminding… What new speaking locations, connections, opportunities to tell the group about especially there locally.  What problems are the members having that they need a safe environment to ask and get feedback.

Then meet with any of the guests to get them excited about joining the group.

12 people total per chapter (guests are always welcome but may need to join a different chapter if that one is full)

Why small?  You can have a better connection factor when everyone really works with each other, builds solid real relationships to make the experience mutually beneficial.  It just works better!





naomi-newI have always tried to change the world and been told I could not.  So, I became a background leader, changing the world bit by bit, person by person.  I enjoyed it but it was not fulfilling…I had no voice.  Being part of PSA has changed all that!  I speak up now, my message is clear and compelling – my friends wonder what’s wrong with me.  I smile because I know I am affecting change ‘from the front of the room’ thanks to being a member of PSA!  I am scared as I move forward but I know I am on my way to sharing with the world.  I have participated in so many other speakers programs, bootcamps, etc. and still stayed in the background.  I ‘found my voice’ through PSA.  Thanks to your vision of PSA…I am changing the world from the front of the room and I am unstoppable!

Naomi J. Hardy:  Speaker/Author  “Step Into Your Greatness!”


Anne Miner

Bringing the Public Speakers Association to Canada has been a great pleasure …so exciting watching our members spread their wings and step into the spotlight whether in their work or as an emerging speaker! I have met the wonderful people and been offered the most interesting opportunities – I can’t wait to see where we go together.

Anne Miner: Dunvegan Group


Linda Pringle EvansJoining the Public Speakers Association has been so amazing that words cannot express my experience. My business has grown exponentially and increase exposure for speaking engagements. Those speaking opportunities turned into thousand of dollars for my business. Therefore, PSA has attracted new clients to my business as a result of the speaking opportunities, chapter meetings and relationships within the association. I have been with PSA less than a year and already received huge benefits in the areas of marketing, support, revenue, and opportunities to speak. The trainings received monthly are education based marketing for you and your business. If you want to grow as a speaker, someone to market you and your services, generate more revenue, and network with some fantastic people this association is for you!

Linda Pringle Evans: Pringle Business Consulting, LLC

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